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Authors: Rui Min Feng, Jin Long Zhang, Hui Fu, Lei Pei
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Basing on the geological mining condition under villages at Xiaotun Mine, according to the existing theories of the strip-partial mining,...
Authors: Jian Ben Chen, Dong Sheng Zhang, Wei Zhang
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Through surrounding rock controlling mechanism analysis of roadway driving along next goaf, the corresponding technical measures are put...
Authors: Chang Li Guo, Yan Qing Zhang
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:A optic method to measure the density of gas is put forward. That is, by using the optical Wedge structure to build air chamber and chamber...
Authors: Wei Zhang, Dong Sheng Zhang, Jian Ben Chen
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Based on the decisive impact of mining techniques on lump coal formation, according to the specific mining conditions of 2206# coalface in...
Authors: Li Wei Yuan, Long Zhe Jin
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:The paper used the software ABAQUS to the numerical simulation research of the strata movement process during the underground mining...
Authors: Wen Sheng Liu, Fan Yue Li, Xian Tao Guo
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Established the Fuzzy matter-element Model for Comprehensive Evaluation of the stability of coal mining subsidence. Analyzed each factor of...
Authors: Xiao Ping Shao, Ping Wu Shi, Yu Cheng Xia
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:As a scientific method, the mining method of horizontal section top coal caving [1-3] has been widely used at Urumqi coal mine in Xinjiang...
Authors: Yue Ming Qi, Xiao Er Zhao, Hai Bo Bai, Yang Jiao
Chapter 2: Mining Engineering
Abstract:Sometimes transportation roadways needed to go through the water-conducted normal fault with high dip and big fault throw in order to ensure...
Authors: Ming Yu Li, Rui Chen Ren, Tian Yu Guo, Tie Li
Chapter 3: Mineral Process Engineering
Abstract:chemical compositions, mineral compositions, mosaic relationship, particle distribution characteristics are identified by mineralogy research...
Authors: Ming Liu, Wen Xiang Hu, Xiao Li Liu
Chapter 3: Mineral Process Engineering
Abstract:A predictive 3D-QSAR model which correlates the biological activities with the chemical structures of a series of 4-phenylpiperidine...
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