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Authors: Rui Min Feng, Jin Long Zhang, Hui Fu, Lei Pei
Abstract: Basing on the geological mining condition under villages at Xiaotun Mine, according to the existing theories of the strip-partial mining, using the method of analyzing the field measurements date and calculating by empirical formula, the safe range of mining and retained widths can be confirmed, the mining schemes for different widths of coal pillar can be designed, and the optimum scheme can be worked out; and then the coal pillar stability of each mining scheme will be calculated through numerical simulation analysis, providing the basis for appropriately selecting the optimum scheme; on this basis, through simulation prediction of the surface movement and deformation, the surface movement and deformation laws of strip-partial mining is revealed to guide production of Xiaotun colliery.
Authors: Jian Ben Chen, Dong Sheng Zhang, Wei Zhang
Abstract: Through surrounding rock controlling mechanism analysis of roadway driving along next goaf, the corresponding technical measures are put forward, and a new combined support scheme of anchor-girder-net support is designed. The results show that the roadway is located under the cantilever beam, which can be better to avoid roadway damage from rock fracture and bending and sinking in caving zone. Cooperated with twice times grouting to the coal pillar and roof, the new combined support scheme had effectively controlled the roof structure destruction again. Field application results indicate that the new support scheme effect is remarkable, the deformation of roadway had been reduced by 55% to 60%, and deformation of surrounding rock had been significantly controlled, which can provide a reference for similar mine area.
Authors: Chang Li Guo, Yan Qing Zhang
Abstract: A optic method to measure the density of gas is put forward. That is, by using the optical Wedge structure to build air chamber and chamber for gas under test, and by measuring the differences of the optical Wedge interference fringes of the two rooms, the density of gas has been measured. The interference theory of Wedge has been theoretical analyzed, and a formula which can be used to measure the refractive index of gas is put forward, and the uncertainty of the measurement has been analyzed. The parameters of gas density, refractive index and gas thickness have been used in the formula. The results show that the method of optical Wedge interference is practical, and high measurement accuracy is achievement when the density of gas is high.
Authors: Wei Zhang, Dong Sheng Zhang, Jian Ben Chen
Abstract: Based on the decisive impact of mining techniques on lump coal formation, according to the specific mining conditions of 2206# coalface in Xinqiao Mine, the turning direction of rollers in coal winning machine had been changed, the cutting coal ways of coal winning machine had been transformed, the supporting strength of hydraulic supports had been reduced and the presplit short-delay blasting had been implemented for improving the lump coal rate of anthracite. The application results show that those mining techniques could greatly improve the quantity and rate of lump coal and make better technical and economic benefits.
Authors: Li Wei Yuan, Long Zhe Jin
Abstract: The paper used the software ABAQUS to the numerical simulation research of the strata movement process during the underground mining according to the actual characteristics of certain mine. Through the research and theory analysis of numerical simulation, the numerical value of deformation in horizontal and vertical direction of the strata movement at the railway tunnel is included. It showed that the exploitation of No.2 ore body would not affect the safety of railway tunnel nearly the mine, which provide decision-making basis for the railway departments and mining enterprises, reduce the waste of resources.
Authors: Wen Sheng Liu, Fan Yue Li, Xian Tao Guo
Abstract: Established the Fuzzy matter-element Model for Comprehensive Evaluation of the stability of coal mining subsidence. Analyzed each factor of the stability of coal mining subsidence, and constructed Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of coal mining subsidence. With Fuzzy matter-element theory, make the stability of coal mining subsidence as matter element thing, Application of the things of the evaluation criteria and the fuzzy values to construct compound fuzzy matter element, and calculate the weights of each index with AHP, construct degree Evaluation Model with the concept of closeness, in order to achieve the stability evaluation of coal mining subsidence.
Authors: Xiao Ping Shao, Ping Wu Shi, Yu Cheng Xia
Abstract: As a scientific method, the mining method of horizontal section top coal caving [1-3] has been widely used at Urumqi coal mine in Xinjiang autonomous region. At present, the section height remains at 18~22m in Urumqi mining area, belonging to the large section mining [4], and has the possibility to further improve section height. In this paper, the main factors affecting safety were analyzed to the large section working face, pointing out that safety mining of the large section working face must finish a good job selecting a reasonable section height to maximize the recovery ratio of top coal, filling surface to block air leakage channel supplying oxygen after mining working face, blocking and extracting gas to reduce the gas content at working face, and equipping with modern safety testing facilities to enhance safety of the detection sensitivity at working face in four key measures, which would ensure safety mining for large section faces at steep seams.
Authors: Yue Ming Qi, Xiao Er Zhao, Hai Bo Bai, Yang Jiao
Abstract: Sometimes transportation roadways needed to go through the water-conducted normal fault with high dip and big fault throw in order to ensure the mining continuance, the two key factors were fault water and deformation of surrounding rock which influenced the digging safety and stabilization of roadways. On the base of analyzing clearly the FB11 fault in 2nd subterranean mine, pingshuo diggings, the fault water was drained and COMSOL Multiphysics software was used to simulate deformation and destruction of the surrounding rock. The following conclusions were drew that larger amount of deformation and destruction caused in single roadway than double roadway drivage, The deformation in soft surrounding rock was larger than in hard rock, the fault had more influence on soft surrounding rock than hard layer. the fault made the plastic area extend to the whole fault belt, The above conclusions were confirmed by the following drivage project .
Authors: Ming Yu Li, Rui Chen Ren, Tian Yu Guo, Tie Li
Abstract: chemical compositions, mineral compositions, mosaic relationship, particle distribution characteristics are identified by mineralogy research on oxidization copper ore from Fuxin. Flotation conditions and closed-circuit process is carried out, it is adopted that adding sodium sulfide for sulfiding and ammonium sulfate for activating, then adding sodium silicate and sodium hexametaphosphate as combined inhibitation to intensify inhibitating, a combined collector consisiting of hexyl xanthate and butylamine dithiophosphate was used to strengthen the collecting effect. Finally, a copper concentrate with a grade of 17.39 % and a recovery of 59.36 % can be obtained, meanwhile, the grade of associated silver is 297.8 g/t, the recovery is 55.96 %.
Authors: Ming Liu, Wen Xiang Hu, Xiao Li Liu
Abstract: A predictive 3D-QSAR model which correlates the biological activities with the chemical structures of a series of 4-phenylpiperidine derivatives as μ opioid agonists was developed by means of comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA). The stabilities of the 3D-QSAR models were verified by the leave-one-out cross-validation method. Moreover, the predictive capabilities of the models were validated by an external test set. Best predictions were obtained with CoMFA standard model(q2=0.504, N=6, r2=0.968) which revealed how steric and electrostatic interactions contribute to agonists bioactivities, and provided us with important information to understand the interaction of agonists and μ opioid receptor .

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