Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiang Rong Nie, Shi Qing Cheng

Abstract: Polymer solution is known as non-Newtonian Fluid. Hence, when a well is injected by polymer solution, the well test data analysis using...

Authors: Fu Zhen Chen, Han Qiao Jiang, Jing Yang, Dong Mei Liu, Liang Sun, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: This paper introduces the Grey theory to evaluate the injection-production well connectedness in polymer flooding reservoir. Gery theory can...

Authors: Zhen Zhong Ma, Yang Zhang, Bin Bin Wang

Abstract: Particle Impact Drilling technology (PID) is a new drilling technology, which is designed especially to solve the oil and gas exploration...

Authors: Hui Zhang, De Li Gao, Wen Sheng Liu

Abstract: Drilling is one of the major means for oil and gas exploration and development. Extended reach wells (ERWs) are defined as directional wells...

Authors: Yong Hong Huang, Hai Yan Ding, Zhao Wei Hou, Guo Ling Ren, Xiao Lin Wu, Kao Ping Song

Abstract: In order to probe a new enhanced oil recovery technology during the post polymer flooding process, we constructed the 16SrDNA gene library...

Authors: Ji Yu Liu, Wei Feng, Sen Lin Gan

Abstract: With complicated geological background, Putaohua reservoir in Sanzhao depression has lots of blocks. Based on its distribution...

Authors: Hui Gao, Wei Sun

Abstract: Micro pore throat characteristics of extra low permeability sandstone oil reservoir of Yangchang group in Ordos basin are analyzed using...

Authors: Zheng Jun Long, Ya Rong Fu, Dong Qing Li, Li Xia Fu, Qian Fu

Abstract: In order to reduce the temperature of paraffin-based crude oil,is applied low-temperature dehydration performance of the AE8051, is the good...

Authors: Dong Ma, Lin Zhao, Chao Ma, Jun Cheng Hu, Ming Zeng

Abstract: Profile control/water plugging is an important approach to increase production. Reasonable treatment radius and the volume of blocking agent...

Authors: Min Ruan, Jing Wang, Xiang Fang Li

Abstract: High yields and higher efficiency can be acquired by using horizontal well as it has a lager contact area reservoir. So the horizontal well...


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