Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen Bin Cai, Kang Du, Xing Peng, Hua Yang Liu

Abstract: The wind power generation pumping unit has environmental protection and the energy-saving function with wind power generation complementary...

Authors: Fan Liu, Han Qiao Jiang, Jun Jian Li, Xue Lin Wu

Abstract: Conducted by the results of numerical simulation and reservoir engineering method, the limit of layers combination and the optimum starting...

Authors: Sheng Lai Guo, Yu Huan Bu

Abstract: The fluid loss control additive plays a key role in reducing reservoir damage and improving the cementing quality of an oil well. Aiming at...

Authors: Jin Sheng Zhao, Tian Tai Li, Ming Zhang, Zhao Min Li

Abstract: Through parallel cores with different permeability contrast, the displacement process of foam flooding after polymer flooding is...

Authors: Jin Jun Wu, Xiao San Chu, Guo Hua Zhao, Li Cai Liu

Abstract: To the present status and difficulties of complex oilfields, like low-permeability and ultralow-permeability reservoir, abnormally high...

Authors: Ming Jing Jiang, Wang Cheng Zhang, Fang Liu, Zhi Fu Shen

Abstract: Uplift of pipeline due to buckling deformation and the resultant soil resistance are key concerns in its design. This paper investigates the...

Authors: Yi Kun Liu, Yang Chu, Xin Luo

Abstract: There are many factors affecting the fracture measures in low permeable fractured reservoir.And there are different effects and complex...

Authors: Ju Li, Xin Wei Liao, Su Kun

Abstract: Miscible and/or near miscible gas injection processes are among the most widely used enhanced oil recovery techniques. The successful design...

Authors: Jun Feng Yang, Han Qiao Jiang, Han Dong Rui, Xiao Qing Xie

Abstract: Physical simulation experiments were made to research on the stress sensitivity on physical property of low permeability reservoir rocks....

Authors: Lei Ting Shi, Xiao Nan Li, Wei Zhou, Song Xia Wang, Qiong Yang, Zhong Bin Ye, Jian Zhang

Abstract: In this article, the viscosifying abilities, rheological properties, flow characteristics of pectinate hydrophobically associating polymer...


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