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Authors: Yu Kan, Kai Li, Ji Yuan Wang, Ling Lin, Chong Yu Zeng
Chapter 5: Petrochemical Engineering
Abstract:The formed TiO2 supports were prepared by compression method and then used in the Pd/TiO2 catalytic hydrogenation of...
Authors: Feng He, Peng Cheng Fu, Chun Ming Xu
Chapter 5: Petrochemical Engineering
Abstract:Biological treatment of heavy crude oil production wastewater is well-established method for remediation of these wastes. We have developed...
Authors: Jian Jun Wang, Xue Kui Wang, Zuo Liang Sha
Chapter 5: Petrochemical Engineering
Abstract:The effect of concentration, temperature and pH-value on the demulsification potency of the propylene oxide and ethylene oxide block...
Authors: Yu Qiang Dai, Jiu Peng Zou, Che Zhu, Jin Tao Wu, Da Peng Hu
Chapter 5: Petrochemical Engineering
Abstract:The unsteady flow behaviors in devices like gas wave machines, wave rotor refrigerators and so on are complex due to real gas effect at high...
Authors: Tao Lin, Li Sheng Wang, Zhi Shan Gao, Zhi Meng Guo
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:A layer of Ni-Cr-Si-B-Fe alloy was successfully coated on plain steel substrate by hot dipping process. The Ni-Cr-Si-B-Fe alloy coating has a...
Authors: Xue Jiao Zhou, Wen Tang Xia, Jian Guo Yin
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:Copper and cobalt were extracted from nickel chloride solution with N235. The various parameters considered in this work were...
Authors: Ming Hua Bai, Zhi Qiang Liu, Zhi Min Zhang, Jing Jing Liu
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:Wet rotating reticular plate electrostatic precipitator gathers the advantages of moving electrode type electrostatic precipitator technology...
Authors: Li Gen Sun, Hui Rong Li, Jia Quan Zhang
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:High casting speed would change the thermal state of the mould copper plate, The coupled visco-elasto-plastic FEM models have been presented...
Authors: Cheng Jun Liu, Jie Qi, Mao Fa Jiang
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:Utilizing Pakistan chromite as raw material, the rapid leaching of chromium and iron could be realized by the sulfuric acid leaching process...
Authors: Zhao Kang Xu
Chapter 6: Metallurgical Engineering
Abstract:High temperature air combustion technology is a new advanced combustion technology, which is energy efficient and has the dual advantages of...
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