Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Rui Zhai, Han Lin Zhou, Jin Song Yang, Qian Wang, Hai Sheng Tan, Mao Li, Yi Min Cai

Abstract: Four lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains named HN78, HN87, HN91 and HN113 were separated from Stylosanthes guianensis SW. of Hainan...

Authors: You Peng, Yang Bo

Abstract: Extraction of total flavonoids from red kidney bean was studied by combination method of microwave and light wave radiation without solvent....

Authors: Zhi Qing Zhang, Yan Yan Yao, Li Ming Zhou, Shan Bo Xiong, Jian Jun Xiang

Abstract: Ferulic acid, a compound showing antioxidant ability, is found in abundance in wheat bran. Its release depends mainly on the breaking of its...

Authors: Chun Yang Zou, Fu Jun Zhou, Fei Zhang

Abstract: It is a problem of the ice with transient heat of the solidification and melting which usually is a part of "phase change" or "moving...

Authors: Zi Ping Zhu, Na Li

Abstract: Supercritical CO2 was used to extract effective compounds from pine pollen, MTT colorimetric method was applied to determine...

Authors: Shun Li Fang, Shi Ping Jin, Su Yi Huang, Wu Qi Wen, Yue Ping Li

Abstract: In China, there is a vast area of tobacco producing, and the production condition in various regions is different. It is difficult for the...

Authors: Xin Peng Bai, Xiao Lei Zhao, Zhi Yong Guo, Xiao Qin Liu, Fang Lian Xu

Abstract: This study examined extraction of noni (Morinda citrifolia L) seed oil(NSO) by using supercritical carbon dioxide...

Authors: Jiao Jiao Mu, Qian Cheng Zhao, Jian Wei Li

Abstract: The Mercenaria mercenaria protein hydrolysates (MMPH) and Ruditapes philippinarum protein hydrolysates (RPPH) were prepared by three...

Authors: Shu Xing Liu, Bei Wang

Abstract: Extracting Ferulic Acid from wheat bran by ultrasonic-assisted alkaline-alcohol hydrolysis.Bran removed part of starch and protein by...

Authors: Chao Zhang, Yue Ma, Xiao Yan Zhao, Fen Wang

Abstract: Effects of storage treatments on anthocyanin, fumonisin B1, aflatoxin B1 content of anthocyanin extract from purple corn were evaluated...


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