Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Xing Yu, Jia You Li, Jie Shen, Zhu Feng Lu

Abstract: Rice straw was pretreated with alkaline to improve degradation by Coprinus cinereus. After straw soaked in 5% NaOH for 24h, straw...

Authors: Wei Liu, Du Shu Huang, Ping Yi, Ai Ping Fan, Jin Yang, Yong Min, Miao Fu Gao

Abstract: Extraction of amygdalin by ethanol refluxing from waste loquat kernel was performed successfully. Amygdalin concentrations were determined...

Authors: Chang Ming Qiu, Yan Feng Wang, Xiao Hua Sun

Abstract: By taking asynchronous cold rolling technique on austenitic high manganese steel (Mn13) specimens, the hardness of Mn13 specimens can...

Authors: Feng Yang, Kui Ying Li, Jing Zhi Sun, Mang Wang, Gang Wu, Yong Zhao

Abstract: Nonradiative transitions (NRTs) are relaxation processes competing with radiative process. In light emitting diodes and room temperature...

Authors: Zhao Wei Dong, Xiao Hang Wan, Jie Ying Zhang

Abstract: For increasing heat efficiency and preventing crack resulting in thermal stress, the laws of heating slab must be accurately studied. The...

Authors: Chang Chun Zhou

Abstract: The ore properties and strengthen separation of bauxite were studied in this paper. The parameters in strengthen separation, such as dosage...

Authors: Jian Yun, Feng Yin Xu, Wen Ting Zeng, Ning Ning Zhong, Jia Lin Wang

Abstract: "Clean technology and low carbon" is becoming a new trend of energy development worldwide. To speed up Coalbed Methane (CBM) exploration and...

Authors: Qiu Zhong, Guo Qing Shi

Abstract: China is facing ecological revolution now. The basis of the revolution is establishing the ecological consciousness. Different level of...

Authors: Yen Kuei Tseng

Abstract: In this research, the burner used in current industry is modified to improve the state of mixture for air and oil, so that the burning...

Authors: Liang Gu, Xin Gang Chen, Xiao Dong Liu, Wei Liu

Abstract: The world is facing a severe crisis of fresh water shortage. Seawater desalination technology is the ideal answer to this crisis. However,...


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