Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Qiang Huang, Rong Gai Zhu, Zhen Chen, Xue Yuan Li, Shuang Jing, Jing Wang, Xing Huang

Abstract: As an efficient and environment-friendly energy, natural gas has become an inevitable choice for improving environment, achieving the low...

Authors: Hui Yu, Xue Li Gao, Bao Wei Su, Cong Jie Gao

Abstract: Sea water desalination methods are widely used. Thermal process and membrane process are the commonly used methods .However, both thermal...

Authors: Xuan Min Li, Shi Bao Dong, Li Ming Hu, Xi Chen

Abstract: Firstly, this document explains why the armed forces should cut down oil consumption and develop in a low-carbon way, then it discusses how...

Authors: Qi Li

Abstract: Based on the statistics data from 1990 to 2008 in Anhui province, this article selects four indexes which include energy consumption,...

Authors: Qiu Lan Wei

Abstract: Ten mixed fuels were prepared using soybean biodiesel and 0# diesel oil with different blend ratios (in vol %). The effects of the blending...

Authors: Hai Bo Guo, Ying Zhu, Zheng Wang

Abstract: Heilongjiang Province, whose pillar industries are made up of petroleum and coal exploitation, chemicals fabrication and mechanical devices...

Authors: Ya Fen Han

Abstract: This paper uses sectional data to analyse the structure of papermaking industry and its environmental influence. In the other hand, this...

Authors: Fan Yang

Abstract: Increasing public awareness of energy-saving by energy policy is an important way of achieving sustainable development. This paper...

Authors: Xiao Yan Li, Guo He Huang, Hong Wei Lu, Bin Shi

Abstract: In this study, an integrated agricultural water management system based on interval mixed two-stage stochastic programming (ITSP) has been...

Authors: Ke Xin Bi, Hui Zi Ma, Wan Hong Li

Abstract: Green process innovation is innovating manufacturing technology, process or organization management in an environment-friendly,...


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