Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yutaka Honda, Dai Nakagawa, Tetsuharu Oba

Abstract: We describe the background and results of measures to improve the urban transportation environment by the Hyogo Prefectural Government in...

Authors: Wei Mo, Xiao Li Wang

Abstract: Presently, along with the new rural reconstruction work development, the Chinese majority of countryside area already started to take...

Authors: Da You, Bo Fu Zheng

Abstract: Following with the rapid urbanization and industrialization, there are more and more relatively specific functional areas integrated by some...

Authors: Yu Gui Cheng

Abstract: The relationship between energy consumption and economic growth has been the research focus for scholars both at home and abroad. The role...

Authors: Li Luan You, Mo Yu Wang, Wen Yan Guo, Xiao Liu Shen

Abstract: This paper will research the relationship between the Beijing industrial structure and the sustainable development through the 3EDSS which...

Authors: Yan Xu, Guo Qing Shi

Abstract: With the development of urbanization, house demolition in city is more and more, during which house demolition conflict emerges. This paper...

Authors: Wei Mo, Yao Qi Wang

Abstract: Every city has its own history , every nation has its own unique culture . Historical and cultural city as the ancient city of outstanding...

Authors: Mei Zhao, Yi Min Nie, Jian Hua Zhang, Yang Wang

Abstract: The construction and development of rural is the basis of social harmony and stability. Suitability evaluation of Land is the early stage of...

Authors: Ying Cai, Hong Chen, Li Yuan, Gan Bo Han, Yan Yan Huang

Abstract: Wuhan is a typical representative of the big cities belted along with Yangtze River, We can collect relevant date, analyze the situation of...

Authors: Yi Deng, Ling Cai, Zhao Xian Gong

Abstract: The ecological sustainability assessment of urban landscape planning plays a critical role in sustainable urban development. In view of the...


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