Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jing Liang Lv, Bao Quan Zhu, Bing Li, Ying Fan

Abstract: The braking problems of vehicle on icy and snowy roads are analyzed. The acceleration data in the process of reducing speed was collected by...

Authors: Jin Zuo, Qin Yan

Abstract: As the wetlands has decreased and degenerated badly due to human’s excessive use, it becomes to be a hotspot in international academe’s...

Authors: Jia Song Zhu, Hao Zheng

Abstract: Accessibility is a more effective criterion than mobility in determining the sustainability of transportation systems. However,...

Authors: Yu Dong, Wei Dong

Abstract: China’s natural resources and urban development face serious challenges, energy and environmental issues become increasingly prominent,...

Authors: Gui Wen Liu, Qin Zheng

Abstract: As two of debatable social topics in China, urbanization and the real estate investment draw more and more attention. So research effort is...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Yan Hui Sui, Yang Zheng, Xue Biao Geng

Abstract: Global climate changes are threatening the survival of our species. Landscape architecture adaptive to climate change has become a hotspot....

Authors: Ning Chai, Mack Joong Choi

Abstract: As an industrial city, Shenyang has made important contributions to China. However, with the industrial restructuring since the reform and...

Authors: Shan Wu, Yue Heng Hu, Long Yang

Abstract: In order to improving the quality of water environment and increase water use efficiency, promoting and speeding up the reclaimed water...

Authors: Zheng Wang, Ping Xun, Lin Zhang

Abstract: Scientific urban planning guides the urban sustainable development. Face to the great amount unreasonable adjustment of urban planning, how...

Authors: Lei Tang

Abstract: The growth pole theory has a very important role in regional economic development. The theory was introduced to analyze spatial structure...


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