Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Jian Li, Qing Han

Abstract: With the widespread use of paper and paper products in China especially in cities, the subsequent negative impact becomes apparent. In the...

Authors: Shu Wei Chen, Xiao Fei Jia, Xing Yu Cui, Rui Feng Li

Abstract: This work shows that N2O, which causes global warming, could be effectively utilized as a soft oxidant in the oxidative...

Authors: De Gang Wang, Yi Ju Yang, Yong Hua Tan, Miao Yu

Abstract: Due to the unique geographic location and natural environment, island energy supply seems complicated. But the stored oceanic energy around...

Authors: Shi Bin Li, Ya Ling Qiu, Ping Yu, Hui Luo, Wei Zhang

Abstract: In view of present security problems existing from traveling block’s speed by manual control, a kind of energy-saving automatic...

Authors: Yu Ze Jiang, Yan Zhao Yang, Qing Wei Guo

Abstract: According to the statistics data and planning material from the authority, the power source structure of China is analyzed and the clean...

Authors: Ya Qiong Wang, Yao Wen Xue

Abstract: Global warming is emerging as the common concern of all countries and people on earth. This paper first emphatically analyzes the game...

Authors: Feng Yun Wang

Abstract: As the biggest developing country in the world, with sustainable and fast development of economy, the fossil energy consumption and carbon...

Authors: Debebe Woldeyohannes Abraham, Mohd Amin bin Abd Majid

Abstract: The increase in demand for natural gas in different sectors attracted different scholars in optimizing the operation and configurations of...

Authors: Ying Nan Dong, Yu Duo Lu, Jiao Jiao Yu

Abstract: This paper examined the relationship between the energy efficiency and the environmental pollution. By using the data of energy intensity...

Authors: Zhu Mei Li, Li Ping Zhao

Abstract: Catastrophe analysis on financial statements of the 76 low-carbon listcompanies in 2001-2009 is used. By designing analysis indicators of...


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