Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Huan Li, Yi Ying Jin

Abstract: The carbon emissions from China’s MSW management are evaluated with the mass balance model. According to the MSW generation and treatment...

Authors: Gui Gui Yao

Abstract: Farmers and environmentalists have been at odds with one other in America. Wendell Berry’s ecological agrarianism, however, with the health...

Authors: Ying Meng

Abstract: The circulation economy guides the economic activity through both of the ecology rules and movements of the materials circulation in...

Authors: Rong Yong Zhao, Jian Wang, Wei Qing Ling

Abstract: Nowadays the deteriorating global climate alters us to lower the energy consumption and reduce the emission simultaneously. In the aspect of...

Authors: Bin Liao

Abstract: The pattern of using the household billing to promote heating energy savings has become a focus discussion in the current national energy...

Authors: Qi Bo Liu, Nan Zhang, Pei Fang Liu

Abstract: The development of green building from a vague understanding to the formulation of the programme of action; from the initial establishment...

Authors: Bao Lin, Xue Ting Wang, Xiao Hu

Abstract: Because of the relatively narrow space and high density distribution of the passengers, the bus interior environment deteriorates in summer....

Authors: Yuan Mei Nie, Kun Gang Chai, Zhan Wan Shi, Xing Dong Yao

Abstract: α-pinene was isomerized in the presence of phosphomolybdic acid. One of the products, α-terpinene, can react with maleic anhydride to form...

Authors: Ling Wang, Yang Yang, Li Juan Wang, Jiang Guo

Abstract: This paper uses Impulse Response Function to empirically analyze the relationship between investment of environmental protection and...

Authors: Wei Wei, Yi Hong Song, Zhi Hong Liu

Abstract: On the basis of the spatial panel data model, this article takes a empirical study on the energy efficiency. The results are as follows. (1)...


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