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Authors: Xian Shi, Jun Cai, Yuan Fang Cheng, Lei Li
Abstract: The application of well logging data is one of the most common prediction methods of pore pressure. According to acquire the field practical applicability and high accuracy, Eaton’s method proposed a definition of area index which can present the local complex factors resulting in abnormal pressure regardless of overpressure generating mechanisms. However, the computed area index is generally calculated by one layer in the whole formation, thereby generating some prediction errors. This paper presents a new method called “Hierarchical Eaton’s Method” that is considering different computed area indexes from different layers. Therefore, the revised Eaton’s method can have higher accuracy comparing to traditional Eaton’s method. Moreover, the application of this new method in HPHT wells in Yinggehai basin, China has been discussed in this paper and indicates the field feasibility of this approach.
Authors: Li Hong Wang, Bao Guo Wang, Gui Feng Liu, Zhi Hong Tian
Abstract: This paper analyzes the impact of the rise and decline of the oil prices on the agricultural diesel prices, and interviews the reasons and effects. The results show that the rise of the oil price is the major factor that impacts on diesel price change, that is to say, the price of diesel oil price goes up with the rise of oil price, however, it does not fall with the decline of oil price in short term. Possible explanations for these results are offered. The most important one is that the monopoly market structure of agricultural diesel and oil is the main reason why the agricultural diesel price responds asymmetrically to oil price change. And it gives some advice to find out a way to cope with the inconsistency between agricultural production and the oil price.
Authors: Yang Xiao, Qiu Liang Zhang, Zhi Hua Zhao, Cheng Shuang Song
Abstract: Make natural forest birch at Da Qingshan nature reserves in Inner Mongolia as the research object. The data is from the National Second-Class investigation data in 2006 by Inner Mongolia survey and design institute of forestry in 2006. Take 8 forest centre as study areas. All these datas would be sifted, and chosen the datas which the varieties of trees is white birch and the formation of the tree species is pure forest classes. The total of data is 4785. Use of Matlab software log-the sigmoid type function (logsig) and linear function (purelin) for the role of neurons. Based on the function of the concept of stand growth model, we choose age requirement (A), status level (N) and crown density (S) as input variables and the forest accumulation per hectare (M) as output variables to build and ttrain the stand growth BP artificial neural network model. And test the model fitting precision and inspection accuracy , the model fitting precision is 99.93%, inspection accuracy is 97.79%, these show that neural network modeling has better fitting precision and adaptability for the stand growth, and has good prediction ability.
Authors: Gang Shi, Ming Lv, Yu Lian Huang, Guo Xing Liang
Abstract: Magnetic hysteresis yarn tensioner is a new-type component which is used in textile machinery for achieving automatic controlling. Its hysteresis damping characteristics of the torque is directly related to changes in the tension of the yarn. Hysteresis damping torque characteristics depends on the excitation voltage of the yarn tension and the magnetic storage of the hysteresis loop. In this paper, electromagnetic properties of the key components in the magnetic t hysteresis yarn tension were analyzed, and the outputting characteristics of magnetic hysteresis yarn hysteresis damping torque in different excitation voltage and speed had been obtained. The theoretical and experimental foundation of is provided about improving the uniformity of textile yarn and achieving the group control technology of Yarn tension.
Authors: Lin Zhang, Dong Pin Sun, Zhi Yi Sun
Abstract: This data acquisition and remote transmission system was designed accordance with the building requirement of solar chimney power generation testing apparatus. The system reads data from the sensors which were installed on the power station and stores them in a SQL database through the WLAN. Another add-on program is built to help users select and provide data in the database to facilitate their research.
Authors: Okonga Wabuyabo Brigitte, Kaseeram Irrshad
Abstract: This study seeks to empirically establish Granger-causality between electricity and manufacturing outputs in Kenya using ordinary least squares (OLS) time series method. Some of the leading economic indicators of Kenya that rely on electricity are used. The results are three-fold; some of the indicators enjoy bidirectional, others unidirectional while others register no causality at all with electricity output.
Authors: Zong Yuan Hou, Zhu Lu, Jin Biao Zheng
Abstract: Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) present a disposal problem because of their large magnitude and their role as a major source of lead. Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) is used to determine whether a solid waste is a hazardous waste. A dynamic leaching procedure with series of leaching solutions was developed to evaluate the leaching toxicity of CRT glass in the environment. Lead was found to continuously leach out over the entire 60-days period. The leaching rate was largely affected by the leaching solution. Using TCLP extraction fluid as leaching solution, leachate lead concentration was fluctuated between 5.8 and 6.2mg/L, and the cumulative amount of lead over the test period was 0.36g. By using leaching solutions which simulating acidic, salt, neutral, and alkaline condition, the average lead concentration of leachate was 0.57, 0.38, 0.27, and 0.19mg/L respectively. The result showed that CRT glass had lead leaching toxicity character. Waste CRTs would pollute the environment if they were disposed in landfills or discarded in the environment. Collecting and recycling waste CRTs properly is important for the protection of the environment and human health.
Authors: Hong Song Zhang, Hong Chan Sun, Xiao Ge Chen
Abstract: In this paper, effect of top-layer thickness on residual stressess of plasma-spraying DCL coating of Sm2Zr2O7 and YSZ was studied by FEM. Results show that Radial stresses in DCL TBCs have similar distributions along horizontal distance which decrease gradually with increasing top-layer thickness. Radial stresses at YSZ layer/ bonding layer remians compressive stress state which is helpful to increase bonding strength the TBCs. Shear stresses transform gradually from tensile stress state to compressive stress state along horizontal distance, and they increase with increasing top-layer thickness. Axial stresses at top-layer/YSZ layer interface increase gradually with increasing top-layer thickness, however, axial stresses at YSZ layer/bonding layer interface were almost not effected by top-layer thickness.
Authors: Yi Jun Zhang, Xiao Zhen Shen, Sheng Yong Liu
Abstract: In order to analyze the content of fatty acid methyl esters, biodiesel was analyzed by gas chromatography method. Biodiesel was produced from the raw materials soybean oil and mussel shell catalysts. GC analysis was developed by using HP-innowax chromatographic column and FID detector. Undecanoic acid methyl ester was chosen as internal standard solution. The results show that five kinds of fatty acid methyl esters were linear at range 4 g•L-1~31 g•L-1 (γ≥0.9928). The average recovery rate was 98.28%~101.85%, and relative standard deviation was less than 0.31%. The coefficient of variance of precision was less than 1.59%. This GC method is simple, rapid and accurate and it will be the base for further research.

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