Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Shang, Liang Zhang

Abstract: According to statistical yearbook of data in the provinces and cities of China in 2010, different developing level of provinces which...

Authors: Jie Shang, Ling Ling Wang

Abstract: China has the abundant agro-residue resources, producing about 20% of total energy consumption in rural areas. Improving the ability of...

Authors: Tie Li, Ming Ma, Ming Yu Li

Abstract: After the analysis of ore properties and experiments, a suitable process is determined, and a better index is obtained under this process,...

Authors: Ai Feng Hu, Lang Wei Li

Abstract: In this paper, heat transfer model is assumed in coaxial radial heat pipe(CRHP) firstly. To verify the model , visualization and performance...

Authors: Ji Fang Wang, Xiang Dong Sun

Abstract: The core component is temperature-sensing resistor in the temperature control circuit. If the resistor is still used in the circuit after...

Authors: Qiu Yan Sun, Chao Sun

Abstract: After the surface of nano-CaCO3 was modified with aluminate coupling agent by wet-modification, aluminate coupling agent dosage of 2.5% is...

Authors: Yi Fei Liu, Long Long Chen

Abstract: Abstract. In the western China, since special geographical condition, vulnerable ecological environment and environment pollution from oil...

Authors: Mo Li Sun, Xiao Chun Zhang

Abstract: The product assembly as the final manufacturing process is one of the most important part, its quality has a major impact on product...

Authors: Nan Li, Lin Song Cheng, Jia Cheng

Abstract: CO2 miscible flooding is an environmental recovery method to greatly enhance oil recovery by the gas of CO2 which...

Authors: Hui Zhong Zhao, Kun Yan, Hai Bin Liang, Xiao Cui Sun, Jie Zhang

Abstract: The solar cooling tube and the economic analysis were studied for supplying cooling and heating capacity on the building. The following...


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