Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

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Authors: Hao Ran Yuan, Xiao Bo Wang, Dan Dan Zhao, Zeng Li Zhao, Hai Bin Li, Zu Hong Xiong, Yong Chen

Abstract: The influence of melting process on heavy metal speciation was studied. The results show that although there are different changes of heavy...

Authors: Chen Cui, Da Zhi Wang, Xiang Tao Li, Feng Zuo Qu, Tong Kuan Xu

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to study the anti-corrosion properties of a novel pre-treatment CeO2/ZrO2 nanometric film coating on the...

Authors: Yen Chang Chen, Yung Ning Pan

Abstract: The effects of process parameters of biomass grain size (ranging from 0.425 to 3.35mm), rotational speed (ranging from 20 to 60rpm) and the...

Authors: Jun Liu, Jiang An Chen

Abstract: Recovering valuable metal from tailings has always been one of national resource comprehensive utilization key research subjects. There are...

Authors: Jian Min Pan

Abstract: Smelting slag, a solid industrial waste, has become a major environmental pollution in Baoshan, Shanghai. This thesis makes a detailed...

Authors: Zhen Ning Zhao, Qin Feng Zhang

Abstract: Elemental research of burning blended coal of Indonesia Lignite and Vietnam anthracite on a face-fired 600MW supercritical boiler is...

Authors: Dan Wu, Hong Sheng Liu, Wen Ce Sun

Abstract: The performance of Salt-gradient solar ponds (SGSP) with and without the solar collector are investigated experimentally in this paper. Two...

Authors: Xiao Li Xu, Huan Wang

Abstract: With the widening application of solar PV power generation, a way of solar utilization, the safe operation of PV power generation system is...

Authors: Ping Wei Xing, Xuan Min Song, Yu Ping Fu

Abstract: Based on the high mining height of large cutting height workface in shallow thick coal seam and the few falling waste rock in goaf, the key...

Authors: Hui Li Wang, Qi Zhong Sun, Fu Yu Yang, Chun Cheng Xu

Abstract: This experiment was conducted to evaluate the effect of ensiling on fermentation quality and aerobic stability of a total mixed ration (TMR)...


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