Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhen Ru Wu, Guo Mei Jia, Li Na Cao, Fang Qing Chen

Abstract: Soil microbial properties have been proved to be powerful indicators of soil quality. This study analyzed the changes in soil moisture...

Authors: Mi Mi Gong, Xiang Rui Meng, Xin Ling Ma, Xin Li Wei

Abstract: The economic feasibility of solar wall system was assessed with RETScreen software for 15 widespread locations in northern China heating...

Authors: Xing Yong Liu, Min Li, Hong Chen, Wei Wei

Abstract: Pure form,single phase and high crystalline zeolite 4A samples were synthesized during hydrothermal treatment of by-products in polysilicon...

Authors: Yu Wen Sun, Ming Xia Shen, Ying Jun Xiong, Ming Zhou Lu, Long Shen Liu, Xiao Li Kong

Abstract: Based on WSN,GPRS,embedded system,database and Web server technology,a system of collection,storage and release for field information was...

Authors: Ming Qiang Yang, De Xi Song

Abstract: This paper summarizes the working experiences in prevention and treatment of flooding accidents caused by goaf water in Zhangcun Coal Mine,...

Authors: Wen Qi Zhang, Pin Hua Rao

Abstract: Laboratory and pilot scale experiments indicated that the diatomite additive could improve the stability of activated sludge process and the...

Authors: Zhe Sun, Hong Fu Zhang, Ming Wang

Abstract: On account of the spreading problem of resistance gene and off-target effects of functional gene products expressed by bacteria, pMG36e, a...

Authors: Hong He Ma, Shu Zhong Wang, Lu Zhou

Abstract: The combustion behavior of fixed carbon in supercritical water was explored by a batch reactor. Effects of reaction parameters such as...

Authors: Peng Ge, Li Juan Wan, Ya Jing Xu

Abstract: Among the investigated clays and minerals (kaolinite, natural zeolite, manual zeolite, bentonite, sepiolite, sepiolite amianthus, tremolite...

Authors: Chun Cheng Xu, Hui Li Wang, Fu Yu Yang, Jian Guo Zhang

Abstract: Six wethers were used in a replicated 3 × 3 Latin square to study the fermentation quality and nutritive value of total mixed ration (TMR)...


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