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Authors: Wei Dong Liu, Ling Hui Sun, Chun Liu Sun
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The fourteen physical models were filled with oil sand, permeability of 1000 × 10-3μm2, inner diameter of 1.8 cm, length of 80 cm. The...
Authors: Tong Liu, Min Shan Liu, Qi Wu Dong
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The physical model and analytical method are put forward for considering the molecular interaction between solid wall and gas fluid when...
Authors: Hui Yong Du, Pei Hong Zhang, Jian Xin Liu, Zhan Cheng Wang, Bin Xu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In this article, the spray wall-impingement experiments were carried out under the common rail condition by image acquisition system to study...
Authors: Chang Wei Jiang, Xian Feng Zhu, Er Shi, Zhen Zhou
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Thermomagnetic convection of air in a porous cubic enclosure with a electric coil inclined around the Y axis is numerically investigated...
Authors: Hong Song Zhang, Yuan Wei, Shu Sen Yang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Effect of substrate conditions, including material type, thickness and radius of substrate, on residual stresses of plasma spraying YSZ /...
Authors: Jian Yun Li, Quan Xian Hua, Jun Ling Niu, Jian Wei Tang, Ke Xu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The adsorption of copper in aqueous solutions by steel slag was studied in batch adsorption experiments. The adsorption equilibrium data...
Authors: Cai Xia Xu, Hai Rong Tang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:From a molecular perspective, we described the origin of surface tension. Surface tension is exceptionally good at rounding things out, such...
Authors: Hai Qin Wang, Lei Zhang, Yong Wang, De Xuan Li
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The experiments were conducted in a horizontal multiphase flow test loop (50mm inner diameter, 40m long) to investigate the flow of oil/water...
Authors: Jia Jia Niu, Lian Cun Zheng, Xin Xin Zhang, Chun Rui Li
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In this paper, a boundary layer analysis is presented for the slip flow of three types of incompressible viscous nanofluids past a permeable...
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