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Authors: Hua Li, Ling Ling Li, Shan Shan Huang, Feng Qiang Li
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In order to make full use of small current grounding system transient information and to improve the accuracy of fault line selection, a...
Authors: Xiao Qing Huang, Xu Zhang, Chun Guang Li
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Experimental research on resistance and heat transfer properties of corrugated plate air-cooled heat exchanger under the condition of...
Authors: Bounthanh Banhthasit, Kittipong Tonmitr, Arkom Kaewrawang, Amnart Suksri
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:This paper presents the effect of over-voltage damage on contamination surface of porcelain insulator due to impulse high voltage connects in...
Authors: Jian Liu, Shi Qing Wang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Analyzed the iso-pressure approximate model used in laser propagation in gas medium and pointed out its disadvantage under complex border...
Authors: Dian Fu Liu, Fang Qing Zhu, Xiao Lin Wei
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:An internally circulating fluidized bed (ICFB) was applied to investigate the behavior of refuse derived fuels (RDF) incineration. The...
Authors: Chang Wei Jiang, Ming Zhang, Xian Feng Zhu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Thermomagnetic convection of air in a porous cubic enclosure with an electric coil inclined around the X axis is numerically investigated...
Authors: Chun Rui Li, Lian Cun Zheng, Xin Xin Zhang, Jia Jia Niu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:This paper presented an analysis for the couette flow of a generalized Oldroyd-B fluid within an infinite cylinder subject to a...
Authors: Ting He Bai, Jian Ping Yu, Shu Rong Yu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:A new clean-up technology for sedimentation basins is proposed in this paper adopting the stir-separation principle in which a clean-up bench...
Authors: Chang Wei Jiang, Er Shi, Xian Feng Zhu, Zhen Zhou
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Numerical computations were carried out for theromagnetic convection of air in a square enclosure under both magnetising and gravitational...
Authors: Chun Yu Ran, Yan Xiang Huang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The essay introduces principles, forms and characteristics of the soil source heat pump system, explores applicability problems of the soil...
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