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Authors: Wen Hua Tang, Ren Zhang Qian, Huai Yu Zou, Bo Ming Pi
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In order to determine the bluff body and slitted bluff body flame stability and combustion performance, atmospheric low-speed experimental...
Authors: Wei Guo Rao, Zhi Hong Zhang, Zhao Gang Xu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The study on transport regularity of contamination can provide theoretical evidence for forecasting the potential hazard of contamination to...
Authors: Lenka Martinová, Daniela Lubasová
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The new electrospinning technology NanospiderTM offering a realistic potential for industrial production was used for creation of nanofiber...
Authors: Jian Guo Yang, Xiao Long Zhang, Hong Zhao
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:It is significant for safe operation and energy saving to foreknow ash fusibility of coal. Ash fusibility of coal was divided into three...
Authors: Sheau Horng Lin, Chuen Shii Chou, Shih Hsun Fan Chiang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:This study investigated the feasibility of preparing the solid biomass fuel from bio-waste material in the waste mushroom cultivation bag...
Authors: Feng He, Peng Cheng Fu, Chun Ming Xu
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Abstract:A field test was conducted on a photobioreactors for cultivaion of P. tricornutum for optimization cultivation conditions.Here,we...
Authors: Xue Jiao Xiao, Bao Qing Deng, Peng Zhang, Yun Lin Zang, Meng Ling Zhu, He Meng Liang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:This study aimed to investigate the influence of the paint film thickness on formaldehyde emission rates. A small-scale environmental chamber...
Authors: Song Ying Chen, Jun Jie Mao
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:This paper reports the results of a study on the reason for chlorine-induced corrosion in the superheater, the factor of corrsion is caused...
Authors: You Zhou Jiao, Zheng Lun Shi
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Take Changguang high-sulfur coal as experimental coal type; carry out the experiment of mineral formation rule of co-generation cement...
Authors: Guang Hua Lie, Zhi Lie Tang, Gan Wen Lie, Ting Yang, Xiu Wen Tang, Le Xi Shao
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:The application of new single-beam normalized photo-acoustic spectroscopy in semiconductor Pb3O4 nano-crystals...
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