Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Xin Su, Wen Hui Wang

Abstract: The high temperature air combustion performance of natural gas in an industrial furnace with a swirling burner was numerically modeled. A...

Authors: Li Jun Heng, Kun Jie Duan, Chang Zheng He

Abstract: There exist certain limitations to research the law and influence factors of the nitrogen oxides formation only with the help of field...

Authors: Jing Fu Wang, Yong Zhang, Wei Wang, Yong Zhi Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, cycle efficiency, net electric power and steam lose rate are calculated between the single flash and binary geothermal power...

Authors: Wei Lv, Xin Hai Wang, De Li Zhang, Hong Wei Sun, Rui Yang Li

Abstract: After the temperature medium voltage coal boiler changed to burn biomass, the quantity of the smoke greatly increased, the economizer heat...

Authors: Cheng Sheng, Tao Zhou

Abstract: Based on the experimental data obtained in natural circulation experiment in narrow rectangular channel, critical heat flux (CHF) was...

Authors: Qian Jun Li, Dong Ping Zhang

Abstract: Experimental investigations on hydrodynamic characteristics of cylindrical pressurized spout-fluidizing bed were carried out. Two kinds of...

Authors: Xiao Ning Li, Lei Qiong Zhang

Abstract: Introduced the supercritical unit boiler feed-water supply system of once-through boiler’s structure and characteristics, and the feed-water...

Authors: Shu Biao Lin, Xin Chun Cai, Yan Jin

Abstract: This paper discusses the problems of instable combustion, serious slag, outfire in boilers with horizontal concentrated boiler, taking a...

Authors: Chang Fa Ji, Shu Min Ji, Li Xia Li

Abstract: A new heat exchange pipe—heat exchanger inserted by disturbance device has been introduced. By applying commercial software—Fluent, the heat...

Authors: Zhan Xu Tie, Hai Xia Li, Xiao Dian Guo

Abstract: The numerical model was established to simulate the gas flow and heat transfer in cement grate cooler. It is useful to increase the gas...


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