Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Yan Feng, Chun Hua Zhang, Jiang Ping Tian, Wu Qiang Long, Jun Li, Jin Cheng Li, Yan Feng Gong

Abstract: With the purpose of optimizing the combustion system of a homogeneous charged gasoline direct injection engine, its working process was...

Authors: Yun Wang, Can Zhang, Jin Chuan Zhang

Abstract: To reduce exposure and increase concealment, AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) power plant came into being. In a variety of AIP power...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Hong Geng Yang, Mao Qing Ye

Abstract: To reuse the existing power quality systems; share the information and support the changing of management business process in power quality,...

Authors: Qing Guo Luo, Xu Dong Wang, Zheng Bo Gong, Feng Wang

Abstract: Based on the virtual prototyping technology and flexible multibody system dynamic theory, the author founded the rigid-flexible coupling...

Authors: Shu Sheng Xiong, Hong Yao, Wei Shi, Zhen Tao Liu, Jin Xu, Lian Xie, Xi Jiang Wu, Wei Li, Xiao Shuai Ren, Guang Cheng Lu, Yao Xin Mei

Abstract: This paper will put forward a device installed into the fuel system, which can use the sliding electric arc to electrolyze the natural gas...

Authors: Jun Yu Wang, Dong Mei Ji, Xiu Ping Yao, Jin Yuan Shi, Yu Yang

Abstract: A model for on-line calculation of equivalent stresses in steam turbine rotors has been built up based on Support Vector Machine (SVM)...

Authors: Yuan Wang, Li Xu, Xi Liang Dai, Sheng Hui Peng

Abstract: In this paper, the finite element model of some car’s body-in-white is established in Hypermesh. The model analysis is executed based on the...

Authors: Cheng Gang Zhen, Yin Yin Zhang

Abstract: Fault diagnosis is an important technical method to improve the safety index and economic effectiveness of wind turbines, it also provide...

Authors: Cui Ping Zhang, Xu Mao Zhai, Yu Juan Li, Zhi Gang Sun

Abstract: Methanol and diesel are almost not soluble, which greatly limits the further study and popularization of the methanol-diesel fuel. To study...

Authors: Li Xu

Abstract: The atomization characteristics of a certain type of aero engine fuel nozzle are discussed in this paper. The nozzle atomization...


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