Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zi Lai Luo, Han Bao Chang, Li Min Shao

Abstract: Structure parameters of diesel engine spray system have decisive effects on its performance. The paper studies the effects of 8 sets of...

Authors: Wei Qing Huang, Yin Wang

Abstract: Ultrasonic motors adopting longitudinal vibration of bar were widely studied for their considerable thrust, high efficiency and reliability....

Authors: Bin Zheng, Yong Qi Liu, Rui Xiang Liu, Jian Meng

Abstract: In this paper, with the ANSYS, stress distribution, safety factor and fatigue life cycle of high-pressure common rail diesel engine...

Authors: Jian Hua Xiang, Ri Dong Liao

Abstract: The criterions of parameter selection for a tuned frequency muffler are proposed. The experimental results show that the radius of a...

Authors: Kun Peng Qi, Huo Lei Chen, Wu Qiang Long, Hong Gu

Abstract: In this paper, a phase-divided spray mixing model is proposed and the quasi-dimensional model of diesel engine working process is developed....

Authors: Xi Liang Dai, Sheng Hui Peng, Yuan Wang

Abstract: For the stiffness of the cutting face is nonuniform, the evenness of the machining face may not be ensured during a gearbox back shell’s...

Authors: Li Yan Feng, Bao Guo Du, Xue Long Wang, Wu Qiang Long, Xin Jin

Abstract: Using Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) is a practical measure to reduce running cost of high-speed diesel engines. Extending application of HFO would be...

Authors: Lei Shi, Shen Jie Zhou, Feng Ling Yang, Fan Jin Hu

Abstract: Mixing efficiency is an important parameter in the design of many industrial processes in stirred tanks. In this study, CFD technology was...

Authors: Xue Ping Wang, Zhen Wei Zhang, Cheng Zhang, Hong Bo Zhang

Abstract: This paper primarily focuses on the analysis on the heat exchange part’s flow field of the jet plug-in hot blast furnace, and...

Authors: Mei Feng Sun, Rui Lian Wang, Jia Wang, Jing Bin Lu

Abstract: In the large fluctuation transition process of hydropower unit, hydraulic turbine operating condition changes drastically, following the...


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