Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Bin Li, Wei Dong Shi

Abstract: Based on the application of the present Underwater Aeration Machine in Environment Field , this paper made an analysis of the situation of...

Authors: Ling Hua Wang, Pan Hua Ning, Chao Gan

Abstract: This paper analyses quantitatively mechanism that hydraulic turbine runner blade tail produces Carmen vortex column, and the blade hydraulic...

Authors: Hua Chen Pan, Shu Li Hong

Abstract: This paper studies the effect of vortex generators on hydro-turbine working performances. The study was carried out on a hydro-turbine...

Authors: Xue Hui Gan, Qiang Liu, Xiao Jian Ma, Na Na Liu, Chong Chang Yang

Abstract: The paper analyzes the status of acrylic filtration and describes a new filter, named KKF18, which filter viscose fiber. According to...

Authors: Ling Hua Wang, Chao Gan, Pan Hua Ning

Abstract: In this paper, the performance parameters of time-average basic performance equation of pulsed liquid jet pump are studied in numerical...

Authors: Wen Qing Yang, Bi Feng Song, Wen Ping Song, Zhan Ke Li, Ya Feng Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a computational fluid-structure dynamics coupling method of flexible wing. The computational fluid dynamics is solving...

Authors: Wei Dong Shi, Ling Zhou, Wei Gang Lu, Hui Li

Abstract: Choose the appropriate rear shroud diameter of impeller could get relatively small axial force and high pump performance. In this paper, a...

Authors: Yin Mei Yuan, Chao Xiang Li

Abstract: In the continuous galvanizing line, gas knives are used to control the liquid coating thickness. They are based on the principle of...

Authors: Xian Fang Wu, Hou Lin Liu, Ming Gao Tan, Hong Hui Li

Abstract: The characteristics and research actuality on mixed flow pumps are introduced simplely. A mixed flow pump with volute as diffusion part is...

Authors: Wen Qing Yang, Bi Feng Song, Wen Ping Song, Zhan Ke Li, Ya Feng Zhang

Abstract: Lift makes a vehicle in air and thrust makes advancing. The lift of flapping wing air vehicle is composed of two main parts, flapping lift...


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