Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang

Abstract: An experimental investigation of evaporation for R417A in horizontal smooth and internally grooved tubes has been carried out. Based on the...

Authors: Yan Wang, Tian Tian Li

Abstract: This topic introduced a performance-testing system for air conditioner according to national standards GB/T 7725-2004 and GB - T...

Authors: Chia Yen Lee, Ming Tsun Ke, Chin Lung Chang, Chien Hsiung Tsai, Lung Ming Fu, Chiu Feng Lin

Abstract: This study performs a numerical investigation into the power consumption characteristics of various primary-secondary chilled water circuit...

Authors: Qi Wei Chen, Xin Ping Ouyang

Abstract: An experimental study of condensation heat transfer of R134a on horizontal inner enhanced tubes was conducted. The tested tubes were...

Authors: Jin Hua Chen, Xiu Bi Bao

Abstract: At present, development of ground-coupled heat pump technology in China has entered the stage of large-scale project application from purely...

Authors: Chun Ni Yao, Bin Hao

Abstract: Renewable energy, which is drawing more and more attentions in low global warming potential research area, has been applied in a large area...

Authors: Yue Wu Huang, De Xing Sun

Abstract: The optimal performance of the solar-driven thermodynamics cycle system consisting of a solar collector and a four-temperature-level...

Authors: Kun Feng Sun, Xiao Lu Wang, Heng Liang Zhang

Abstract: Through the appropriate assumptions, a mathematical model was derived on circumferential fin of rectangular profile coated with frost layer,...

Authors: Wei Na, Yan Song, Lei Zhou, De Ying Li

Abstract: With an increasing emphasis on easy operation, flexible adjustment and high energy efficiency, the application of the wall-hung gas boiler...

Authors: Shuang Hua Cao, Jiang Tao Zhang, Fang Liu, Min Si Li

Abstract: Building space cooling load affected by lots of factors,was transient, multi-dimensional and highly interactive. A model of online least...


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