Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hui Fu

Abstract: By studying the control algorithms of automatic train operation system,the PSO-B-BP-PID controller based on reparametric B-Spline Neural...

Authors: Fang Wei Xu, Hong Geng Yang, Ya Mei Liu, Lan Fang Li, Ji Shan Ma

Abstract: This paper proposes a power qulity disturbances classification method based on generalized S-Transform(GST) and maximum similarity...

Authors: Bo Xu, Jun Zhang, Xu Cai

Abstract: This paper aims at constructing the 10kV distribution network simulation platform on the principle of the laboratory experiments. This...

Authors: Yi Xiong Jin

Abstract: In this paper, a similar historical meteorological data search technique was put forward. This method took the weather forecasting data as...

Authors: Lin Zhao, Hai Bao, Xiao Yu Dong

Abstract: At present, dispatchers analyze the power transmission from change of operation modes always by their own experiences, so currency of the...

Authors: Sheng Chun Yang, Jian Guo Yao, Ke Wang, Kun Huang

Abstract: The chief technical characteristics of the supporting system for smart grid control center include: wide area, panorama, distribution,...

Authors: Yan Gao, Bao Quan Jin

Abstract: The communication method of the automatically drainage monitoring system for underground coal mine is researched. The advanced PLC control...

Authors: Yi Shu Zhao, Xi Nong Li, Ke Jun Li

Abstract: This paper studies the root-cause analysis based on the time delays among various signals, for reducing nuisance alarms in modern industrial...

Authors: Jun Feng Dai, Li Hui Fu

Abstract: Fuzzy Control;Matlab;Electronic Oven;Maxium Mean Method;Defuzzification Abstract:Aimed at the shortcomings that it is difficult to establish...

Authors: Xiang Li Deng, Chuan Qi Wang, Zhe Zhang, Xiang Gen Yin

Abstract: This paper presents a new winding parameter model of UHV transformer used by On-line Least- Squares Identification Algorithm (OLSIA) to...


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