Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Shu, Xiao Li Li, Qian Chen

Abstract: Optimizing the operation of thermal power plant auxiliaries can effectively reduce the power consumption rate and improve production...

Authors: Wei Jun Yun, Chen Chen, Jing Shuang Shen

Abstract: Nonlinear loads are widely spread in automobile industry along with the development of power electronic technology, which causes...

Authors: Ping Ping Han

Abstract: Neutral point grounding which is related to voltage level, network structure, insulation, communication and relay protection is very...

Authors: Xun Cheng Huang, Xu Zheng Chai

Abstract: The capacity of thermal power plants takes up 75 per cent of whole power generation capacity in China, and so a reserve of generation...

Authors: Min Gang Hua, Jun Tao Fei, Wei Li Dai

Abstract: In this paper, the generalized Finsler lemma and augmented Lyapunov functional are introduced to establish some improved delay-dependent...

Authors: Yan Li, Gang Li

Abstract: A current direct control is proposed in the paper. The topology structure of a hybrid filtering equipment is presented. The traditional...

Authors: Wen Feng Li, Hong Geng Yang

Abstract: A new soil model named as 3d combined-layer soil model is firstly proposed. According to the concept of image, the Green function of this...

Authors: Yang Fu, Ke Fu Zhang, Xiao Yan Bian, Jia Lin Cao

Abstract: In the condition of distributed generation, the DG’s islanding is an important operation, which can improve the reliability of distribution...

Authors: Jie Ding, Hai Yun Han, Ai Hua Zhou

Abstract: Data-Intensive applications in power systems often perform complex computations which always involve large amount of datasets. In a...

Authors: Guang Ying Ran, Jun Zhou Liu, Li Hong Chen

Abstract: This paper analyzes the simulation function about switching operation simulation in the training simulation system of intelligent...


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