Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xu Dong Song, Feng Shuo Zhang, Juan Mo, Xiong Wang, Tie Yuan Xiang

Abstract: The model of GEP in carbon market is established by introducing the carbon economy index proposed in this paper to traditional GEP model....

Authors: Ya Mei Liu, Hong Geng Yang, Lan Fang Li

Abstract: Interharmoics are the signals whose frequencies are between two harmonics. Besides the usual characterics of the harmonics, interharmonics...

Authors: Jin Jie Peng, Xiao Ping Fan

Abstract: A new current detecting algorithm is proposed in the paper, which is applied in an improved hybrid active power filter. The filter equipment...

Authors: Zhuo Dong, Yong Li Zhu

Abstract: Gene Expression Programming (GEP), which is suitable for transformer fault diagnosis Classification, is combined with transformer oil...

Authors: Li Jun Yang, Wei Li Wang

Abstract: In view of a large number of distributed generators penetrated into distribution network, an improved hierarchical island operation was...

Authors: Jiang Zhu, Wen Wen Cao

Abstract: Condition Monitoring Agent (referred to as CMA) inherits and develops the concept of "concentrator" and "monitoring station", and play a...

Authors: Jun Liang Wang

Abstract: According to the principle of PSS2B model of IEEE, reason for producing reverse regulation for PSS is analyzed. Through analysis of the...

Authors: Xiao Fei Li, Li Jun Tan

Abstract: Energy-saving generation dispatching is a trial generation dispatching mode in China, reducing energy consumption is the core idea of...

Authors: Da Wei Huang, Ming Lei

Abstract: How to determine spinning reserve reasonably in electricity market is one of the key questions which guarantee the security and reliability...

Authors: Lei Wang, Su Feng Guo

Abstract: Harmonic pollution monitoring and control is the key to an accurate estimate of harmonic impedance, and thus an accurate assessment of...


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