Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Lei, Yi Nan Ge, Qin Yuan

Abstract: Reactive power optimization that is optimized by Simple Genetic Algorithms has many limitations. According to the problem of reactive power...

Authors: Xiao Jing Wang, Xing Ying Chen, Kun Yu

Abstract: An adaptive forecasting method of branch power of the urban power grid is presented. The implementation is accomplished by utilizing three...

Authors: Yan Ling Wang, Yan Jun Li

Abstract: General evaluation methods applied in comprehensive evaluation of transmission and transformation project are slightly insufficient in terms...

Authors: Bao Quan Jin, Yan Kun Wang, Jun Fei Wang

Abstract: For the complexity of power supply system design and calculation process in mine, a visual approach is presented.The integrated program with...

Authors: Tao Shi, Li Jie Liu, Qiong Tao

Abstract: In this paper, a grid-connected model of inverter interfaced distributed generator is built , which is used for researching the different...

Authors: Long Yue Zhang, Li Jie Ding, Xian Yong Xiao, Chao Ma, Jing Feng

Abstract: A method was proposed to throw light on the initial period of cascading failure that would be the best time to implement prediction and...

Authors: Tian Wen Zheng, Jian Wen Yang, Xian Yong Xiao, Ying Wang

Abstract: The bus will experience different voltage sag when fault occurs at different location. Based on the non-liner profile characteristic of...

Authors: Cai Min Yu, Xiao Lan Ge, Hai Qiao Wang, Hong Yan Qin, Xun Mei Han

Abstract: The Shuttle AS/RS System, which is one kind of crowded, highly effective, quick, safe warehouse memory system, has realized brand-new...

Authors: Wei Wang, Ji Liang Zhang, Bao Yin Li

Abstract: This paper presents an algorithm using a stepwise programming method to determine the suitable locations for capacitors installations and...

Authors: Fu Zhong Li, Qiong Cui

Abstract: The paper firstly introduces the situation of our substation grounding system. The author based on resource conservation to point out the...


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