Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Yan Wang, Hui Yan Tang, Jian Hui Sun

Abstract: To study all-regime performance of marine diesel propulsion system in ship maneuvering, an all-regime model for diesel propulsion system is...

Authors: Xian Kai Sun, Quan Sheng Wang, Yan Bo Liu, Xian Jin Ning, Can Wang

Abstract: Material of Sm2Zr2O7 composition powder was synthesized by coprecipitation method using...

Authors: Rui Zhu, Jian Xing Ren, Hui Yu Bai, Min Jian Xing, Fang Qin Li, Yun Tang

Abstract: Heavy-duty gas turbine is used widely in power generation industry for many advantages. Gas turbine inlet system is an important component...

Authors: Kai Liu, Bao Cheng Zhang, Hong An Ma

Abstract: Experimental investigation results of the fuel injector group in a heavy-duty gas turbine are presented. Atomization characteristic has...

Authors: Yu Juan Li, Tie Wang, Cui Ping Zhang, Xu Mao Zhai, Si Min Lei, Wei Wei Liu

Abstract: An experimental investigation was conducted on 4100 engine to study the influences of different percentages of methanol in DME/diesel...

Authors: Bo Wang, Yan Huang, Yi Chao Yuan

Abstract: Spring nozzles are widely used in deaerators. The spray issued from a spring nozzle was studied numerically with an adapted volume of fluid...

Authors: Qian Wang, Cheng Cheng Zhang, Zhi Xia He, Jing Wang

Abstract: Based on sensitivity of fuel physicochemical property to temperature,in order to study the effects of fuel injection temperature on spray...

Authors: Lei Guan, Tian You Wang, Hai Yan Zhang, Zhi Jin Zhang

Abstract: The study on combustion characteristics of different excess air ratios (λ) and ignition timings was conducted on a lean-burn spark-ignition...

Authors: Qian Wang, Xiao Jing Han, Ping Qi, Jing Wang

Abstract: A three-dimensional model of a diesel Urea-SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction)catalytic converter system was set up with aid of CFD software...

Authors: Shu Sheng Xiong, Xiao Shuai Ren, Lian Xie, Ting Wang, Wei Li, Xi Jiang Wu, Hong Yao, Ming Yang Hou, Jin Xu

Abstract: The research is conducted on emulsified fuel applied to engine YC6J190 without any modification of the engine. In this experiment, the...


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