Progress in Power and Electrical Engineering

Volumes 354-355

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ya Xin Su, Wen Yi Deng, Heng Gen Shen

Abstract: Reburning is effective to control NO emission. The paper presents a short review on recent research on catalysis reduction of NO and...

Authors: Chun Bo Wang, Xiao Fei Ma, Jiao Zhang, Jin Gui Sheng, Hong Wei Li

Abstract: A combustion and heat transfer model in oxy-fired CFBB was set. Particle diameter, voidage of the bed ,etc, was analyzed with 30%, 50%, and...

Authors: Ling Ling Li, Feng Qiang Li, Li Kui Yang, Yun Long Zhang

Abstract: The way of resonance ground of arc suppression coils at neutral point can extinct the grounding arc effectively. Both preset mode and...

Authors: Chun Bo Wang, Jin Gui Sheng, Ming Lei, Jian Guo Wei, Xiao Fei Ma

Abstract: The combustion rates of carbon particle in pressurized oxygen-enriched environment were studied. The combustion rates of different diameter...

Authors: Ying Jie Liu, An Guo Xie, Feng Liu, Zi Qiang Lv

Abstract: Use the method of Numerical simulation to different operating parameters and structural parameters of blast air swirl burner . On the basis...

Authors: Jun Qi Dong, Qian Chen, Wu Jie Wei

Abstract: An experimental study has been carried out to investigate the heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of flat tube heat exchangers...

Authors: Shui Chang Liu, Zheng Qi Gu, Yong Zhang, Zun Jin Fan

Abstract: Establishes 3d numerical simulation model of water side and air side for ribbon-tubular radiator, studies effect of air velocity on air side...

Authors: Peng Ran

Abstract: This paper introduces a novel matrix method for calculating the efficiency of a thermal power plant unit with double reheat cycles. The...

Authors: Xue Dong Wang, Yan Juan Zheng, Tao Luan

Abstract: The optimizing design approach of direct air-cooled system was described in detail in this paper. Based on the approach, the wind speed,...

Authors: Yan Jin, Cui Ying Feng, Juan Juan Liu

Abstract: Circulating fluidized bed (CFB) combustion techniques have been widely used in China. In order to improve CFB boiler performance it is...


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