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Authors: Yan Li, Xiu Min Jiang, Jiang Wu, Jian Xing Ren
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:A shell-and-tube heat exchanger which is widely used for the heat recovery of air in a coal gasification system is investigated. FLUENT6.3...
Authors: Sampatrao Manjare, Rajendra Mohite
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Abstract Diammonium Phosphate (DAP) is an important crop nutrient for plants and its use is increasing day by day with increase in...
Authors: Bin Zhao, Yu Zhu Zhang, Wei Ran Zhang, Jian Cui
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:The management decision fault during prophase demonstration, design and operation on power station can be avoided effectively by technical...
Authors: Wei Min Liu, Feng Yun Chen, Yi Qiang Wang, Wei Jun Jiang, Ji Guang Zhang
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:OTEC has the advantages of large reserves, renewable, stable and clean without pollution. However the smaller ocean temperature-difference...
Authors: Wen Yan Li, Qiu Luan Chen, Wu Qin, Ning Wang, Jin Lin Lai
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:CuO/graphene oxygen carrier models were built to investigate the reaction stoichiometry mechanism between the fuel gas CO and oxygen carrier...
Authors: Zhong Bao Liu, Ya Xin Su
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:A one dimensional unsteady mathematical model for predicting the air mass flow rate in a solar chimney has been proposed. The thermal...
Authors: Wei Lv, Rui Yang Li, Xin Hai Wang, Yan Dong Li, Hong Wei Sun
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:According to the analysis of the characteristics of the biomass straw in its pneumatic drying process, some reasonable assumptions concerning...
Authors: Ming Zhu, Gao Feng Xie, Rong Shun Wang
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:One of the worst accidents that may occur in a high-vacuum-multilayer-insulation (HVMLI) cryogenic tank is a sudden, catastrophic loss of...
Authors: De Hong Xia, Ling Ren, Bin Shu
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:In this paper, a new process of using high grade ores, such as magnesite and water magnesium stone etc, to produce magnesium is proposed from...
Authors: Shuang Ying Wu, Lan Xiao, Si Min Chen, Feng Hua Guo
Chapter 2: Thermal Engineering
Abstract:Based on the first and second laws of thermodynamics as well as exergo-economic theory, comprehensive performance evaluation criterion has...
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