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Authors: Yu Cui, Xin Quan Ge, Hao Jiao
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:With the amount of waste electrical and electronic products, environmental pollution becomes more and more serious. Therefore, how to recycle...
Authors: Hong Song Zhang, Yuan Wei, Xiao Ge Chen
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In this paper, effect of top-layer thickness on thermal-shocking property of plasma-spraying DCL coating of...
Authors: Jun Jie Chen, Qian Wang, Zhi Xia He, Jian Feng Pan
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Catalytic combustion of hydrogen/air mixture inside micro-tube was numerically investigated with detailed gas phase and surface catalytic...
Authors: Shu Ping Zhang, Xiu Xiu Du, Qing Sheng Zhou, Ma Jie, Lin Hui
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Sevag, trichloroacetic acid and combining Sevag and TCA were used to remove protein from Fucoidan. And the conditions of deproteinization and...
Authors: Yu Na Fang, Yong Chi, Yu Qi Jin
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In this paper, the classical sewage sludge and coal co-combustion power generating system was optimized. The regenerative steam in the...
Authors: Tao Wang, Jing Lv, Wei Ren
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:In restricted visibility, great risk of collision exists between vessels formed a "head-on situation" geometrically. Started with the...
Authors: Jiu Jun Yang, Jun Hua Guo, Lei Zhang, Lei Guo
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Basalt fiber is a kind of Environment-friendly inorganic fiber material. Compared with Carbon fibers, studied the influence on cement mortar...
Authors: Ya Qing Liu, Lian Cun Zheng, Jun Tie
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Axial magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flows for Oldroyd-B fluid are investigated between two cylinders. The motion of the fluid is produced by the...
Authors: Xun Wang, Tong Han, Lei Wang, Xin Xin Mao, Cheng Si Yang
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Pulsating heat pipe (PHP) with distilled water and acetone as working fluids was experimentally investigated. It is found that the PHP...
Authors: Wen Zhe Zuo, Guo Hua Wang, Jing Li, Lian Feng Gao
Chapter 1: Engineering Thermophysics
Abstract:Nonlinear methods can be used to identify inrush water rapidly. Yet to identify the mixture water must be combined with water chemistry...
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