Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Gang Wang, Yue Dong Yao, Ming Jiang, Ze Min Ji

Abstract: The evaluation model for horizontal well development has significant potential in recoverable reserves uncertainty studies. This paper...

Authors: Tao Zhang, Gang Pei, Hui De Fu, Jie Ji, Yue Hong Su

Abstract: In order to solve the freezing problem associated with the traditional photovoltaic/thermal (PV/T) system, a novel heat pipe-type PV/T...

Authors: Hong Mei Li, Jie Shan

Abstract: Many people currently ignore the validity of the fact that intangible cultural heritages acting as an objective of intellectual property...

Authors: Jie Shan

Abstract: The thesis analyzes the validity of environmental taxation system construction, from the view angles of control of ecological pollution,...

Authors: Xi Chao Xu, Bai Jing Qiu, Bin Deng, Fang Wen Jia

Abstract: Aimed at investigating the design method and test method of jet-mixing apparatus, numerical simulation and experiment research were both...

Authors: Yong Li Ma, Xuan Zeng

Abstract: This paper introduces a kind of ENMS system based on GPRS, according to the technical requirements for meter reading systems of residential...

Authors: Da Lai Wang

Abstract: This paper aims to account for sustainable development of different cultures in the context of globalization from the perspective of...

Authors: Xiao Hong Li, Qin Yan Wei, Wen Ying Li

Abstract: Catalysts based on hydrotalcite-like precursors (Mg-Fe and Mg-Al-Fe) were synthesized by a co-precipitation method. The precursors and...

Authors: Peng Fei Tu, Sheng Chao Wu, Hong Tao Li

Abstract: Rainfall infiltration and reservoir water level fluctuation are major factors inducing slope deformation. Taking nearly three years data of...

Authors: Yan Shi, Hai Chen Yu, Dan Yu Xu, Xian Qiang Zheng

Abstract: Three-dimensional-electrode electro-Fenton is a newly electrochemical oxidation technology to treat landfill leachate. In contrast, the...


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