Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dan Ming Cheng, Jing Zhou, Jin Li, Cheng Gang Du, Hua Zhang

Abstract: Currently the high cost and battery cycle life of lithium are the main limitations of commercial developing of electric vehicles, the...

Authors: Qun Jie Xu, Xi Hong Cai, Hong Yun, Xian Qin Deng

Abstract: A novel hydrophobic film was prepared by Stearic acid (SA) chemically adsorbed onto the cupronickel B30 surface. The film properties were...

Authors: Hong Tao Shan, Yong Kang, Xue Juan Kong, Yu Zhang

Abstract: Digital controlled SPWM inverter has become main-stream in development of SPWM inverter control strategy. But the traditional PID control...

Authors: Jian Li, Jun Zhao, Shi Xue Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the deformation and detachment of single droplet in flow-channel was studied through visualization single flow-channel. The...

Authors: Xi Yang, Jun Xi Zhang, Shi Ming Zhang, Li Cheng Yan, Ying Mei, Gi Geng

Abstract: The spherical FePO4 was prepared by a novel co-precipitation process followed by spray drying method, using Fe (NO3)3•9H2O, NH4H2PO4,...

Authors: Ren Ren, Fei Liang Chen, Jing Jing Chen, L. Zhang, Yu Jun Liu

Abstract: The nanostructure of bimetallic Au/Pd particles was fabricated to investigate their surface plasmon (SP) dynamics and local field factor....

Authors: Qing Hai Luo, Zheng Zuo

Abstract: This paper analyzes the energy consumption of hot water supply in buildings and the insurmountable shortcoming of low energy efficiency of...

Authors: Nguyen Viet Ngu, Hong Hua Wang, Le Thi Minh Tam

Abstract: The control objective of three-phase photovoltaic (PV) grid-connected inverter is to generate high quality and stable AC sinusoidal output...

Authors: Jun W. Wu, Eric J. Hu, Mark J. Biggs

Abstract: Adsorption-based desalination (AD) is attracting increasing attention because of its ability to use low-grade thermal energy to co-generate...

Authors: Zi Cheng Li, Zi Yu Ou, Shan Mei Cheng

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel rotor position estimation method based on line back EMF for brushless DC motor (BLDCM). The relationship between...


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