Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Authors: Ying Jun Ruan, Qing Rong Liu, Wei Guo Zhou

Abstract: This paper has examined the energy consumption characteristics for six different buildings including apartments, offices, commercial...

Authors: Zhen Jing Shi, Meng Xiang Fang, Chun Guang Zhou, Shu Rong Wang, Zhong Yang Luo

Abstract: Isolation of phenols from the middle oil fraction(170-230°C) of tar produced in the multi-cogeneration system has been investigated for the...

Authors: Hui Zhi Ren, Ying Zhao, Xiao Dan Zhang, Hong Ge, Zong Pan Wang

Abstract: Superscript textHigh conductivity,high crystalline volume fraction p-type microcrystaline silicon(p-μc-Si:H) thin films prepared...

Authors: Tian Ju Sui, Zhi Bo Wang, Kai Yuan Yao, Tian Qi Li, Hua Zhu

Abstract: A new solar tracker is designed and tested. The solar tracker is an all-weather solar machine aiming at the sun automatically with high...

Authors: Han Qiao Jiang, Shuo Liang Wang, Yuan Zhang

Abstract: Major domestic oil fields have entered the period of high water now, however, choosing timing of profile control and water shutoff is always...

Authors: Shan Ze Zhang, Min Cai, Chao Wang

Abstract: Abstract. A is a typical low permeable oilfield in surrounding region of west daqing, the major target layer is Saertu formation,which...

Authors: Shan Ze Zhang, Xing Dong Liu

Abstract: Abstract. Variation function is an important tool that can characterize the spatial correlation of geological variable quantitatively in...

Authors: Jia Sheng Ni, Chang Wang, Tong Yu Liu, Jiong Zhang, Ji Qiang Wang, Tao Lei

Abstract: A fiber anemometer that used in wind velocity monitoring is introduced in this paper. FBG is used as a sensor device. Fiber anemometer uses...

Authors: Yong Zhan, Yu Wang, Bin Dong

Abstract: coagulation and sedimentation method is an effective water treatment method, and the key factor is the choice of flocculant, according to...

Authors: Jun Hong Liu, Ming Dou, Li Xiao Zhou, Kang Xie

Abstract: Biomass plays unprecedented role in energy structure, whose study focuses on technology reform, the study on exploring raw material is...


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