Renewable and Sustainable Energy

Volumes 347-353

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ling Bin Kong, Xiao Wei Wang, Ru Tao Wang, Yong Chun Luo, Long Kang

Abstract: Ag nanoparticles have been fabricated on the surface of CMK-3 mesoporous carbon through an immersion-electrodeposition (IE) technique....

Authors: Wei Wang, Yu Ting Wu, Chong Fang Ma, Jian Yu

Abstract: The amount of low temperature heat resources is very huge, efficient utilization that energy is very important issue for improving energy...

Authors: Yan Juan Wang, Wei Tan, Chun Ying Liu, Yan Xiong Fang

Abstract: Alkali agents such as magnesium acetate and calcium hydroxide were used for deacidification of aged acidic papers by supercritical carbon...

Authors: Shen Fei

Abstract: The relationship among highway transportation, regional economic and social development is a mutual adaptation and coordinated development,...

Authors: Yun Xia Luan, Zhi Hong Ma, Li Gang Pan

Abstract: The nuclear facilities accelerated continuously with the rapid development of the nuclear industry for the increasing demand for energy in...

Authors: Guo Dong You, Tie Xiong Su, Chun Long Xu, Lu Xu, Jun Feng Xu

Abstract: Based on the load and heat radiation area are directly influenced by the ratio of piston stroke to cylinder diameter (S/D).An optimized...

Authors: Xiao Feng Cai, Xin Long Zhang, Pan Zhou, Dong Xu, Wei Jiang Cai, Xiao Yong Chen, Yi Xiang Shao, Jun Wang

Abstract: This paper describes the 300MW pumped storage governor system which is applied in Xiangshuijian power station and is featured with...

Authors: Nan Chun Wu, Yi Ben Xia, Shou Hong Tan, Lin Jun Wang

Abstract: With use of electron-assisted chemical vapor deposition technology, nanocrystalline diamond films were deposited on SiC ceramics substrates...

Authors: Qun Jie Xu, Xian Qin Deng, Wen Li

Abstract: The corrosion inhibition of brass in simulated cooling water by complex of triethanolamine (TEA) and Na2WO4 had been investigated by means...

Authors: Fei Shuo Hung, Fei Yi Hung, Che Ming Chiang, Truan Sheng Lui

Abstract: Sn, Al and Cu not only possess electromagnetic interference shield efficiency, but also have the acceptable costs. In this study, sputtered...


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