Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Lan Zou, Chao Zhang, Yuan Yuan Ma, Le You, Min Hua Zhang

Abstract: The recombinant Z.mobilis CX was constructed. Its ethanol concentration and ethanol yield from 2% xylose at 36 h were 6.73 g/L and 82.3% of...

Authors: Yao Jun Zhang, Du Ping Chen, Li Cai Liu, Ya Chao Wang

Abstract: A novel approach for synthesis of CdS-intercalated nanocomposites was investigated by thermal decomposition of cadmium thiourea complex...

Authors: Rui Zhang, You Liang Ji

Abstract: Based on the depositional model and characteristics of fan delta, the short-term base-level cycle of the third submember of the third member...

Authors: De Jun Meng, Zhong Hui Sun, Bo Yang Dou, Peng Fei Han, Yan Bing Wang

Abstract: The strength of gravel soil of Yili’s First Mine in different water contents was studied by multifunction static and dynamic triaxial test...

Authors: Jian Xin Liu, Song Liu, Hui Yong Du, Zhan Cheng Wang, Bin Xu

Abstract: The fuel spray images were taken with an equipment (camera-flash-injection) which has been synchronized with a purpose made electronic...

Authors: Yan Qing Li, Fu Ju Wang, Man Man Yang

Abstract: As the increasing proportion of photovoltaic power generation in power grid, the influence from grid photovoltaic power generation to power...

Authors: Han Fei Zhang, Guo Qin Du, Qiao Hong Dong, Cai Xia Lv, Si Mo Shi, Chang Qing Dong

Abstract: Thermogravimetric analyzer has been employed in this paper to test the combustion properties of four kinds of mixed biomass fuel with...

Authors: Wen Wen Guo, Zhong Zhu Qiu, Peng Li, Jia He, Yi Zhang, Qi Ming Li

Abstract: In this paper, three kinds of PV glazing system applied to office building of Shanghai which located in hot summer and cold winter zone of...

Authors: Ming Yang, Ying Hua Zhao, Ying Chen Zhang, Deng Xin Li

Abstract: Expanded graphite (EG) was prepared by microwave irradiation at 1000 w for 60 s. It is a novel adsorbent for Sn (Ⅱ) adsorption. This paper...

Authors: Lei Han, Tie Zhu Ding, Yan Lai Wang, Luo Meng Chao, Tao Shang

Abstract: The CIGS thin films were prepared on ordinary soda lime glass substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD). The XRD and UV-visible...


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