Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zong Qiang Zheng, Rong Zhang Cao, Ya Xian Zheng

Abstract: With the arrival of an era of low-carbon economy, the planning and development of energy industry comes into global limelight. And the...

Authors: Shi Bao Dong, Li Ming Hu, Xuan Min Li, Xiao Dong Ouyang

Abstract: This document explains the concept of new energy and the significance of its development and utilization, then it discusses the...

Authors: Yi Zhang, Hua Ling Song, Chun Lei Li, Chuan Peng Wang

Abstract: For studying the circular mechanism and the operating mode of modern mine, this paper reviewed the current development situations of...

Authors: Yong Hong Zhang

Abstract: The sustainable development culture is a culture aiming to bring culture itself into harmony with the times, promote social all-round...

Authors: Shen Shen Gu, Ying Jiang

Abstract: Automatic Control Theory is a required course of great importance for students who major in automation. During the winter semester of 2010,...

Authors: Yu Jiang Bi

Abstract: Financial innovation and financial risk often emerge at the same time. On one hand, financial innovation can transfer and disperse part of...

Authors: Zhi He, Hao Bin Zhou, Zhong Yao Zhang, Lan Yun Li

Abstract: The solution redistribution was an important phenomenon during the solidification of multi-component alloys. The different paths of...

Authors: Lin Hu, Chuang Ye Jiang, Zhan Bin Li, Xia Zhang, Peng Li, Qi Wang, Wen Jing Zhang

Abstract: This paper make use of Gravity Model, calculate evolution path of the economic gravity center and air pollutants gravity center in Shaanxi...

Authors: Zhi Jin Xu, Yan Kui Song

Abstract: The Ability of Symbiotic Innovation in Sustainable Technology (ASIST) plays an important role in the sustainable development. It is of great...

Authors: Zuo Gong Wang, Jun Wei Li

Abstract: Neural network models have widely been applied in assessment and perdition of economic and social fields, including risk assessment. Thus,...


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