Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Sheng Shan

Abstract: Bidding evaluation is an important aspect in equipment procurement, and there are still some problems with the current bidding evaluation...

Authors: Yen Kuei Tseng

Abstract: Biomass energy is a renewable clean energy, which may transfer the perennial biomass into energy, in additions, the plants will absorb the...

Authors: Li Mei Liu, Heng Qian, Yong Chao Gao, Ding Wang

Abstract: In China, quality credit is an important part of the social credit system, and evaluation of quality credit is the key to the construction...

Authors: Guo Dong Gao, Wen Xiao Zhang, Jiang Hua Sui, Guang Yu Mu

Abstract: In order to solve the fault diagnosis problem of diesel engine, Elman neural network (ENN) was applied to build a fault diagnosis model of...

Authors: Yang Shuo Shen, Zhong Fu Tan, Yin Hui Zhao, Qing Hui Hu, Chen Zhang

Abstract: The rapid development of national economy has brought serious environmental pollution problems. The issue of emission reduction has become...

Authors: Zi Long Huang, Lin Guan

Abstract: To make the reliability evaluation suitable for the planning distribution network,which contain the large-scale existing network and the...

Authors: Shi Qiang Liu, Erhan Kozan

Abstract: In this paper, a generic and flexible optimisation methodology is developed to represent, model, solve and analyse the iron ore supply chain...

Authors: Yu Duo Lu, Jiao Yu

Abstract: Resource-based city has many characteristics of urban sustainable development, but because of resource's gradual depletion, population...

Authors: Huan Shun Wang, Jin Cheng Zhu, Liang Zheng Yan, Cheng Xian Lin, Zheng Yuan Yan, Xue Cheng Jiao

Abstract: This paper introduces the "second Five-Year" period,Comprehensive management of rural pollution in Dalian,Ecological protection and...

Authors: Yu Chao Zeng, Zheng Su, Neng You Wu, Xiao Xing Wang

Abstract: Based on the analysis of the existed conceptual models and their main problems, a new 3-D conceptual model for bedrock fracture groundwater...


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