Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Feng Wang, Ze Yan Wu, Zhi Jun Meng

Abstract: In this work, we mainly summarize the influence of the ion bombardment cathode (target) and relative factors of magnetron sputtering yield...

Authors: Ming Wu, Yao Yao, Feng Rui Jia, Lei Wang

Abstract: The ecological footprint model with food, house, energy and waste as consumption accounts through analysis of urban matter and energy...

Authors: Wen Xiao Zhang, Guo Dong Gao, Guang Yu Mu

Abstract: The low cycle fatigue behavior was experimentally studied with the 3-dimension notched LD8 aluminum alloy specimens at 300°C. The 3-...

Authors: Geng Wang

Abstract: In order to answer following two questions, One is the influence factors and the influence degree of Nanjing enterprise emission...

Authors: Jian Hua Qu, Xin Sheng Yao, Ji Lai Ying

Abstract: Analyzing the typical management pattern of agricultural produce logistics, this paper discovered that the dominant of the pattern and got...

Authors: Chang Fu Huang, Yuan Xia

Abstract: Urban rail transit plays a role of activating and leading regional economic development. It influences the spatial distribution of urban...

Authors: Lin Liu, Wei Ya Xu, Chong Shi

Abstract: Due to specific geological conditions, stability of complex high slopes has become one of the key technical problems in hydroelectric...

Authors: Zhan Wan Shi, Ying Wang, Xing Dong Yao

Abstract: a new rosin derivative—methylthiomethyl dehydroabietate has been synthesized from dehydroabietic acid and DMSO. The effects of reaction...

Authors: Lan Xu

Abstract: The paper develops a two-state-variable environmental growth model to derive the optimal growth path for the relationship between pollution...

Authors: Xiao Guang Zhao, Juan Xie, Shi Jie Song, Ting Chen

Abstract: This paper made a comparative study of the distribution and quantity of bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and different bacteria physiological...


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