Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sai Ming Yang, Wen Guang Lu

Abstract: Ecological security is the basis of the sustainable development. Based on the concept of ecological security, The framework and subsystems’...

Authors: Ju Qin Shen, Nan Wang

Abstract: The development of low-carbon economy has opened a new chapter in environmental accounting and become a new direction of it. This paper...

Authors: Min Wang, Qiong Liu, Hai Yan Luan

Abstract: A La-doped Cu11O2 (VO4)6 photocatalyst with optimum La/Cu molar ratio of 4% was prepared by...

Authors: Ke Li Chen, Yu Ling wang

Abstract: The ceramic industry is known as an energy-consuming and high pollutive industry. In order to meet the requirement of sustainable...

Authors: Yan Qi Liu, Xin Xin Xiao, Hong Li, Xue Hong Li, Liu Zhi Yang

Abstract: By means of non-aqueous solvent, V-type amylose-hexanol complex which B-type microcrystalline starch made a combination with hexanol was...

Authors: Chang Hong Zhao, Yan Xu, Jia Hai Yuan

Abstract: This paper studies the low carbon transition of electricity system in China. The paper describes the approach, which builds on transitions...

Authors: Kui Hua Han, Hong Tao Liu, Wen Qiang Zhang, Dong Xu Guo, Ji Heng Zhao, Chun Mei Lu

Abstract: As one of the most developed provinces in China, Shandong has consumed large amount of energy and released a lot of CO2 during...

Authors: Guo Wu Sun, Zhen Kun Li, Jun Shi, Bo Min Chen

Abstract: The characteristics of climate warming in China are investigated by using observed daily surface temperatures at 541 gauge stations from...

Authors: Peng Mei Li, Hui Ming Li

Abstract: Under the pressure of resource and environmental constraints, China proposed to develop strategic emerging industries in order to transform...

Authors: Qian Xiang, Ying Gao

Abstract: A capillary electrophoretic assay for determining synthetic antioxidant butylated hydroxyanisole in food has been developed. The extraction...


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