Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su He, Ming Ming Chang

Abstract: This paper analyses the relationship between China's economic growth and energy consumption of the period 1978-2009 by the Granger causality...

Authors: Liu Yang, Yu Huan Liu, Rong Sheng Ruan

Abstract: The content of 5-hydroxymethlfurfural (5-HMF) in glucose diphasic hydrolysate was measured by ultraviolet spectrophotometry (UV), while...

Authors: Rui Bao, Jiang Ping Yan, Wei Li, Yuan Zhao

Abstract: Low-carbon tourism, as a new tourism type, is evolved from the background of the low-carbon economy. Located in the west part of Gansu...

Authors: Mei Qing, Qiu Liang Zhang, Dong Zhi Wang, Gao Wa Chen

Abstract: Tree-ring width chronologies were developed for Larix gmelini of main forest types in Daxinganling mountains, and by correlation analysis...

Authors: Zhi Min Xiang, Ren Ai Yuan, Tai Yue Qi

Abstract: The Liuyang River Tunnel on Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway goes through the bottom of Liuyang River, the geological condition of which...

Authors: Zhao Hui Li, Jun Feng Li

Abstract: This paper focuses on the compiling and the role of the socially responsible index. Socially responsible investment originated from...

Authors: Yong Gang Liu, Yong Liu, Qun Ma

Abstract: The fragmentation pathway of acevaltrate was investigated by electro-spray ionization ion-trap mass spectrometry.Under the positive ion...

Authors: Zhi Ping Wang, Jiang Ping Yan, Wei Li

Abstract: On the basis of analysis the tourism developing background in Linxia, this paper puts forward the spatial strategic orientation. According...

Authors: Yi Wei Dong, Wei Bai, Yu Zhong Li, Chun Ying Xu, Fu Li Fang, Zhi Cheng Guo

Abstract: QuEChERS is an acetonitrile partitioning and dispersive solid-phase extraction (D-SPE) method that widely used in the analysis of multiple...

Authors: Li Bo Yuan

Abstract: This article compiles the energy input-output tables for year 2002 and 2007. Based on the energy input-out tables, we compute the carbon...


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