Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Yan Zhou, Xiao Cui Guo, Li Li, Zhi Ping Zhu

Abstract: According to the characteristics of silicon in water, analysis is implemented for the excess SiO2 content in a 300MW unit boiler...

Authors: Li Liu, Shi Jie Xu, Song Zhan Li

Abstract: A mass of reactive oxygen species(ROS) are produced in the process of smoking. Superfluous ROS can induce the oxidative stress in organism,...

Authors: Jun Li Li

Abstract: Green credit is not only a financial leverage which promotes environmental protection, it is also an inevitable choice for financial...

Authors: Lan Zhu, Xiu Yang

Abstract: Aiming at some microgrid system in Shanghai, economic simulations and analyses are done. A microgrid including solar, wind power,...

Authors: Li Dong Zhang, Nan Zheng, Ting Li Yu, Kun Yu Wang

Abstract: If the big users electricity consumption kept the same, while comparing through grid direct-purchasing power with building the power plant...

Authors: Jiraroch Somjun, Anusorn Chinsuwan

Abstract: Experiments were performed in a cold model circulating fluidized bed riser having a cross sectional area of 100 x100 mm2 and a height of...

Authors: Feng Wang

Abstract: By using datas of Chinese fuel oil futures market, this pater establishes VAR model based on low frequency, high frequency and ultra-high...

Authors: Theerasak Rojanarata, Kwanrutai Waewsa-Nga, Parin Buacheen, Praneet Opanasopit, Tanasait Ngawhirunpat

Abstract: An environmentally friendlier, safer and saver method is described for the assay of drugs as hydrochloride salts namely metformin...

Authors: Jin Ying Li, Chun Lian Zhang, Jun Li Tian

Abstract: With the globalization of the economy, energy constraints for economic development have become increasingly apparent. Low-carbon economy has...

Authors: Cheng Yuan Mao, Yu Long Pei, Guo Zhu Cheng, Li Wei Hu

Abstract: Traffic characteristic on the conditions of ice-and-snow road performance is quite complex and that seriously influenced the capacity of...


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