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Authors: Lei Sun, Ming Hai Wang, Xiao Peng Li, Yue Sun
Abstract: Taking moving trestle of machine tool as example,the modal analysis and harmonic response analysis were done by means of finite element method. Find out its characteristics of vibration modal. The analysis is conducive to the design of the moving trestle of machine tool. It makes a base for optimized design and remanufacturing.
Authors: Yan Wen, Na Li, Bin Liu
Abstract: Based on the analysis of heat transfer characteristics of the cement clinker, the porous media’s seepage heat transfer theory is introduced into researching of clinker heat transfer according to its porous media characteristics, and then the control model of cement clinker is built up. Furthermore, this project solves the model by using the finite difference method. At last, the inherent heat transfer law of cement clinker is obtained through simulation.
Authors: Ying Li Liu, Jian Fei Li, Zhi Guo You, Zhen Jiang
Abstract: The external wall insulation system exposed to the building surface, in summer temperature of outside surface can reach 50 °C -70 °C, this article designs a new external wall insulation system shear strength test of test equipment to study at different temperatures decorative panels sandwich insulation fiber reinforced concrete shear performance, the results show that: with increasing temperature, fiber reinforced concrete decorative panels sandwich insulation ultimate shear capacity has reduced to varying degrees, damage patterns cut from the extruded plate destruction into the adhesive surface of shear failure.
Authors: Bao Quan Zhu, Wen Jie Zhai
Abstract: The wear-resisting function of the 4-10mm thickness Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene artificially acetabulum was researched, which matches up with the 28mm-diameter artificial thigh bone. The Elastic deformation theory and the finite-element analysis to get the regularity of distribution on contract stress were compared, calculate the stress integral to friction journey during the normal gait, and according with the Archard wear calculation formula, compare the reckoning of artificially acetabulum in different thickness. By this calculation, the regularity of distribution for contact stress, which got from elastic deformation theory, is close to the result got from finite-element analysis. For a 65 kg sufferer matched with a 28mm-diameter artificial thigh bone, the wear-resisting of a 6-8mm artificially acetabulum is better, when the inner spherical radius is a little bigger than artificially acetabulum. Also, except the high –usage of stuff, it can prove the best balance performance and provide theoretical foundation to the optimum design of artificial acetabulum.
Authors: Chen Cai, Tao Huang, Xun Li, Yun Zhen Li
Abstract: urban water resources value is a very complex system, it is composed of three main elements; nature, economy and society. In this paper, taken a city as an example, selecting water quality, water resources amount, density of population and national income as the evaluating elements, by useing fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method, the value of water resoueces of this city has been carried out. The results shows that water resources prices in this city is much higher than the present average water price. Therefore, it is necessary for the government to take mearsures to raise water use efficiency, strengthen environmemtal protection, so as to raise water resources value.
Authors: Hua Feng Xian, Yi Zhong, Yan Luo
Abstract: The microcapsules used for electrophoretic display were prepared by in-situ polymerization. The core material contained electrophoretic particles (phthalocyanine blue and TiO2) and tetrachloroethylene (TCE), and the wall material were made of melamine-formaldehyde resin. The effects of preparation conditions, such as the concentration of surfactant, the ratio of core material to wall material, the pH values were all experimentally investigated. Moreover, titanium dioxide (TiO2) particles were modified with 3-(trimethoxysilyl)propyl methacrylate (TPM) in order to obtain a lipophilic surface. Furthermore, the modified TiO2 was coated with polystyrene (PS) for improving the density mismatch between TiO2 particles and TCE. The core material of phthalocyanine blue was modified with octadecylamine to improve its dispersibility in TCE. The morphology of microcapsules was observed by optical microscope. The coated TiO2 particles were characterized by scanning electron microscope and thermogravimetry analysis. The modified TiO2 particles and phthalocyanine blue were determined by FTIR spectrometry.
Authors: Jiang Bin Su, Lun Xiong Li, Xian Fang Zhu
Abstract: Nanosized Cu films were prepared by direct current (dc) magnetron sputtering method at room temperature. The as-deposited Cu films were subsequently annealed under high vacuum annealing for different time. It was observed that with the annealing various types of Cu nanostructures formed on the surface of films. It was also observed that the appropriate range of film thickness for such formation was from 20 nm to 40 nm. During the annealing, three types of nanoparticles and considerable number of even tiny crystallites forming on the film surface were crucial for the formation. Furthermore, the detailed formation and evolution were studied and two possible mechanisms, i.e., surface nanocurvature effect and thermal activation effect, were proposed for a full explanation.
Authors: Si Ling Yang, Ying Zong Liu, Hong Jiang Gao
Abstract: As the nation pays more and more attention to ecological construction, the government investment in forestation projects increases every year. The project management of afforestation project with government investment is a complex systematic project which needs well coordinate of the relationship of various subjects to find a reasonable combination of every interest subjects by appropriate design of the system, so it is necessary to introduce reasonable project management mechanism. This paper points out the problems exist in the current project management of forestation project with government investment and analyses the reasons; then agent construction system is proposed to improve the management mechanism of the forestation project with government investment; finally, the advantages and disadvantages of the system were analyzed.
Authors: Wei Shen, Shi Lang Xu
Abstract: In this paper, a large-scale indoor model test with water pressure is conducted in order to investigate the stress and deformation properties of reinforced concrete lining structures with circular cross-sections.Under internal water pressure, the water pressure carried by lining structure is about 20%~40% of total water pressure before cracking and less than 30% after cracking.Under external water pressure, without drainage of outer side of lining, the water pressure carried by lining structure is only less than 40% of total water pressure.
Authors: Min Wang, Qiong Liu, Hai Yan Luan
Abstract: Cu11O2 (VO4)6 powders have been synthesized by complexing Sol-Gel method using citric acid as chelate, calcined at different temperature without using any template. Techniques of X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope (SEM) have been employed to characterize the as-synthesized materials. The photocatalytic activity was evaluated by photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange (MO) solution under UV-light. It revealed that temperature values can influence significantly on the morphologies and structures of the products.It also found that the sample prepared with the molar ratio of citric acid to metal inons be 2:1, pH=7 and calcinated under 500°C for 4 hours was pure triclinic Cu11O2 (VO4)6 phase.In this conditions, the sample had highest photocatalytic activity with the photodegradation rate was about 78.9% or so in 60min under 20W ultraviolet lamp.

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