Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Guang Sui, Ting Hua Liu

Abstract: This paper analyzes equilibrium with perfect international technology diffusion. The authors argue that if there are no large countries,...

Authors: Lu Wang, Zheng Wang, Xi Geng Song

Abstract: The collective evolution of short fatigue crack was experimentally studied through differently-notched cylindrical specimens under...

Authors: Xiao Guang Zhao, Shi Jie Song, Juan Xie, Yong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the coordinated development system in a typical resource-based coal mining area is divided into four subsystems, respectively...

Authors: Hai Yan Li, Bin Dan, Kai Rao, Hong Zhao

Abstract: Difference from traditional green single supply chain, this paper discusses a multiple supply chains cooperation model with the...

Authors: Li Zhou, Qing Ming Tang, Zhi Ying Wang, Ting Ting Sun

Abstract: Species diversity was refers to the rich and colorful differences between biological communities in composition, structure, function and...

Authors: Yao Xuan Huang, Li Liu

Abstract: Based on the financing and capital operation of the U.S. Superfund, the soil remediation funds of EU countries and Soil and Groundwater...

Authors: Yong Hua You, Xi Lai Zhang, Zhi Lin Wu, Xiang Fei Yu, Shi Ping Jin, Su Yi Huang

Abstract: Salinity power is a promising renewable energy with a large amount, which can be tapped by pressure retarded osmosis(PRO), however,...

Authors: Wen Xiao Zhang, Guo Dong Gao, Guang Yu Mu

Abstract: The crack propagation law of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel with notched cylinder was researched under high temperature low cycle fatigue. The crack...

Authors: Wen Hua Han

Abstract: The particle swarm optimization (PSO) is a population-based stochastic evolutionary algorithm, noted for its capability of searching for the...

Authors: Qian Zeng, Hao Ma, Fu Hou Lei, Hong Quan Liu, Cui Hong Tang

Abstract: Two polymer carriers of reticulated rosin group were synthesized to immobilize amylase in this paper, the nature of immobilized amylase was...


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