Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Su Kun, Xin Wei Liao, Jing Chen

Abstract: Minimum Miscible Pressure (MMP) is among key parameters to predict CO2 flooding performance during candidate reservoirs screening...

Authors: Jun Li, Sheng Yu Bi, Gong Hui Liu

Abstract: The new technology of composite perforation, which combines together the conventional perforation and the high energy gas fracturing, can...

Authors: Yun Ping Zheng, Yan Bin Yu, Yu Chun Wang, Xun Li, Jie Shu, Shao Ping Ai

Abstract: For the design and management of the modern heavy oil piplines, the application of mathematical model to describe the characteristics of...

Authors: Gong Hui Liu, Tao Zhang, Jun Li, Yu Long Yang

Abstract: By detecting the axial strain at the near-bit, we can obtain the weight on bit(WOB), however, some other factors in the well such as...

Authors: Hua Yi Jiang, Yi Nan Zhang, Ai Jun Wei, Xu Wang

Abstract: Paper analysises active regulation of microwave to heavy oil by experiment and theory. Determine heavy oil’ rheological indicators before...

Authors: Hua Yi Jiang, Cheng Ji, Qiu E Cao, Rui Ya Yang, Huan Zhi, Yi Nan Zhang

Abstract: The treatment of oily wastewater by microwave radiation is highly-efficient, low contaminative. In order to improve the effect of processing...

Authors: Mei Xia Wu, Yong Guo, Jian Guo Zhao, Ke Yi Tao

Abstract: The chitosan-mediated synthesis of porous nanosized NiB alloy catalysts could be achieved by silver-catalysed electroless plating (EN). The...

Authors: Xiao Chao Yan, Zheng Zai Cheng, Rui Lei, Su Su Lin

Abstract: Solvent extraction technique is one of the cheapest and most efficient processes experienced in recycling of used lubricating oils. In this...

Authors: Zhi Guo Wang, Shu Zhong Wang, Xiao Sun

Abstract: Polymer-free VES fluids are used to minimize damage to the proppant pack to efficiently transport proppants into fractures. Proper...

Authors: Qing Xuan Zhang, Wen Juan Li, Bin Zhang, Jia Rui Zhang, Zong Xian Wang

Abstract: The pyrolysis of three oil samples from Tarim Basin was carried out under 390°C and high pressures formed by injecting N2 in the...


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