Natural Resources and Sustainable Development

Volumes 361-363

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wen He, Kui Zhao, Wang Cheng, Yi Li, Chang Suo Zhang, Yi Xing Wang

Abstract: The properties of a longitudinal guided wave with central frequency 5kHz propagating in partially grouted rock bolts were studied by...

Authors: Jing Wei Wang, Ying Jun Sun, Qiu Ying Guo

Abstract: In this paper, the implementing method of updating the coal mining area’s DEM by mining subsidence forecast data is introduced. The data...

Authors: Qi Feng Guo, Fen Hua Ren

Abstract: According to the mining conditions and equipment level of Xingshan iron mine, optimization research on the stope structural parameters of...

Authors: Ming Xin Lu, Cun Yu Liu, Zhong Li Zhao, Guo Yong Wang, Ming Zhang, Li Jie Huo, Guang Jun Sun

Abstract: The showing of ground pressure is severe in workface of coal seam with thin upper cover, due to the thin upper rock seam and the action of...

Authors: Jian Xin Tang, Le Le Sun, Yue Hua Deng, Hua Hui Jin

Abstract: Based on the numerical simulation method and actual measurement analyses, characteristics of working face mineral pressure of the River...

Authors: You Xia Sun, Da Wei Ren

Abstract: Based on green mining idea, this paper developed a kind of filling material with coal gangue as coarse aggregate and designed...

Authors: Hai Jun Wang, Xu Hua Ren, Ran Ran Tao

Abstract: When a rock sample is subjected to cyclic loadings, acoustic emission (AE) events increase sharply when the peak stress value applied...

Authors: Ru Xiang Qin, Lei Shi, Li Ying Teng

Abstract: In order to know the function of downward boreholes and its gas drainage mechanism, gas content field in the goaf is simulated. The changing...

Authors: Bing Xiang Huang, Wei Chao Xue, You Zhuang Wang, Tong Zhang

Abstract: Research on Natural Gas Hydrate(NGH)is very popular in recent years. NGH is a potential, new and clean energy with the characteristics of...

Authors: Cheng Hui Ren, Wen Sheng Liu, Huan Wang

Abstract: The control technology for mining subsidence is the main research area of mining subsidence. Its objective is to study and select mining...


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