Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Yin Hwa, Tai Yi Yu, Wen Chung Hsu, Chien An Chen

Abstract: This study utilized the car chasing method to chase 86 light-duty vehicles on seven major roads in the Shin-Chu area and establish the...

Authors: Zhen Ling, Ju Rui Yang, Zhe Nai Lu

Abstract: By changing the surface flow(SF) and subsurface flow (SSF)constructed wetlands inflow water total nitrogen (TN) concentrations, with 6 plant...

Authors: Jiang Wu, Jin Hong Zhang, Wei Feng Xu, Yu Ran Cai, Yuan Huang Ouyang, Chen Wang, Yi Peng Jiang, Guan Jie Tong

Abstract: Along with the rapid development of electric power industry in China, the pollutant discharge limits are getting more strict, and WFGD (wet...

Authors: Hai Xia Li, Zhan Xu Tie

Abstract: The numerical simulation method is used to analyze the process of gas purification with ceramic filters. The gas /solid two-phase flow field...

Authors: Mei Li, Yi Luo, Ru Chun Wu, Hong Yu Liang, Shuang Fei Wang

Abstract: The adsorption of phenol onto activated carbon fiber (ACF) from aqueous solutions were studied.The adsorption kinetics of phenol by ACF can...

Authors: Wei Fang Dong

Abstract: A series of non-precious metal oxides catalysts were prepared for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction (SCR) of NOx with NH3 in a...

Authors: De Jin Wang, Yong Zhang, Ming Zheng Qin

Abstract: Cr(III)-containing wastewater was treated by continuous foam separation process. The factors affecting the Cr(III) removal efficiency were...

Authors: Peng Hao Su, Dao Lun Feng, De Xiang Liao, Yi Ping Ma, Le Ping Xu

Abstract: Treatment technology for ballast water is in need. High-voltage pulsed discharge has great potentiality to inactivating micro-algae living...

Authors: Hong Wei Chen, Ri Guang Wei, Jian Mei, Jian Qiang Gao, Chun Bo Wang

Abstract: In order to find the factors and their effects for the Ca-based absorbent for CO2-capture, the experimental method was used to...

Authors: Xiang Dang Jing, Bo Yu, Jun Ge Xie

Abstract: Based on self-developed bentonite - fly ash - cement(BFC)slurry and flexible wall permeameter, infiltration test was conducted on slurry...


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