Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Biao Li, Zhi Xiong, Fu Jun Miao, Xue Ying Zhou, Jin Hua Wang, Hao Sun, Li Li Zhu

Abstract: Pot experiments with three local legumes (Trifolium repens L., Vicia Cracca L., Medicago sativa L.) were conducted in five different...

Authors: Xiao Mei Zhu, Bing Sun, Hong Duan Xie, Lian Zheng Zhang, Jia Ni Zhao

Abstract: The atmospheric-pressure microwave plasma can remove perfluorocompounds (PFCs) efficiently, which have long lifetime and serious global...

Authors: Hua Wei Zhang, Shan Shan Liu, Ji Tao Chen, Li Wang

Abstract: The silver-loaded semi-coke was prepared from Longkou lignite using soaking method by silver nitrate (AgNO3) solution, and the...

Authors: Yu Qing Li, Ying Jin Nie, Er Jun Xue, Jian Kuo Liu, Xiao He Yan, Yi Fan Zhang, Jian Zhang, Shen Lin Xie

Abstract: This paper will introduce a brand-new deodorization technology, which is whole-process deodorization technology, and its application in...

Authors: Wei Feng Zhang, Zhong Hua Lin

Abstract: Experimental on CO2 removal from flue gas using polypropylene hollow fiber membrane contactors were conducted in this study....

Authors: Ning Zhang, Wei Qing Han, Lian Jun Wang

Abstract: The oxidation of sulfide was investigated at a potential of about -0.1 V, 60 °C and electrolyzation time of 48 h, the sulfide ions were...

Authors: Jian Li Zhao, Zhao Yan Fan, Ying Jie Li, Kui Hua Han, Chun Mei Lu

Abstract: The dissolution of paper white mud(PWM) has been studied by pH-stat method in various parameters such as the pH values(4.3, 5.4, 6.0, 7.5),...

Authors: Shu Xin Wang, Jin Zhang, Shi Yang Jiang

Abstract: The paper introduces the structure and working principles of the diesel-LNG electronic injection system. For a further experimental study,...

Authors: Wen Ge Hao, Ding Nan Zhao, Yue Feng Cui

Abstract: In order to achieve the catalytic oxidation of the low concentration SO2 flue gas in SNOX process, screen out the appropriate...

Authors: Jun Sheng Hu, Yue Li, Hui Wang

Abstract: By using ACF as the cathode, acid scarlet 3R as simulated wastewater, the experiment researches into the effect of current density,...


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