Progress in Environmental Science and Engineering

Volumes 356-360

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Araceli Salazar Peralta, Rosa Hilda Chavez, Oscarf. Olea Mejía, Dora Alicia Solís-Casados

Abstract: The main objective of this project was to study the corrosion rate of three different structured packing materials, a metallic, one...

Authors: Wu Qi Wen, Shi Ping Jin, Su Yi Huang, Shun Li Fang, Xi Lai Zhang, Qing Long Pei, Bao Yu Gao, Zhe Li

Abstract: China has rich lignite resource, which has high moisture, low calorific value, short ignition period, etc. These characters limit lignite...

Authors: Jian Min Yang, Jun Jie Han

Abstract: Drawdown cone volume of pumping well reflects the hydro geological conditions of aquifer, such as hydraulic parameters and elastic storage...

Authors: Jing Zhang, Jun Shi He

Abstract: Based on the investigation of water resources carrying capacity connotation, the parameter of water resources carrying capacity calculation...

Authors: Li Zong Liu, Xin Nan Zhao, En Qing Xie

Abstract: The electric and hydraulic control system of hydraulic support is the critical part for the mechanized working face to work productively and...

Authors: Chao Huang, Rong Wang, Zhi Ping Zhou

Abstract: This paper conformed the indoor air quality evaluation of buildings in Lingui, using the designed evaluation system combined subjective...

Authors: Wen Bin Chen

Abstract: The synthesis of a new triazene reagent 1-(4-antipyrine)-3-( 3-nitroaniline)-triazene (ANTA) and its color reaction with Cu (Ⅱ) was studied...

Authors: Xin Rong Wen, Chang Qing Tu

Abstract: The paper presents a novel method for the flotation separation of Cd2+ with ternary association complex system prior to the...

Authors: Hai Ping Xiao, Xu Du, Lei Wang

Abstract: Numerical optimization research was made for the dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) reactor for NOx removal in order to improve the...

Authors: Shan Shan Su, Dan He, Li Liao

Abstract: Recirculation is considered as an dual effective way of processing the leachate and accelerating the stabilization of landfill in many...


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