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Authors: Hai Long Wu, Sheng Yong Lu, Xiao Dong Li, Jian Hua Yan
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:High contaminated level of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCBs) in soil could not be easily removed by routine method. Since thermal treatment...
Authors: Yue Shi, Liang Guo, Jun Zhou, Run Bai, Xin Li, Peng Liu, Xiang Xiang Wang
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Nowadays, in order to meet the new standard of IMO for sewage discharged from ship treatment, membrane bioreactor (MBR) was widely used in...
Authors: Yu Chen, Jun Li, C .W Wang, X.F Zhao, B.H Zhao
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Sustainable partial nitrification to nitrite has been proven difficult in treating low strength nitrogenous wastewater. Real-time aeration...
Authors: Liang He, Shao Feng Zhang, Chun Li Li
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:For the flue gas semi-dry desulfurizaiton technology, a new type of spouted bed with porous draft tube was put forward in this paper. The...
Authors: Cheng Duan Wang, Hai Xia Fu
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Three folds stable surface flow wetlands (FSSFWs) were operated at different hydraulic loadings of 0.80, 0.53 and 0.27m3/...
Authors: Yong Bing Huang, Xiu Ying Liu, Li Li Wang, Xiao Juan Li, Shu Xin Tu
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Natural manganese ore is a kind of arsenic removal mineral. It is low-cost and widely available. In order to enhance its removal efficiency...
Authors: Hang Xu, Qiang Tang, Ya Na Liu, Yong Jiang, Hong Yan Tang
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Hyperbolic model could be established to describe the degradation performance of Methylene Blue (MB) using UV/H2O2...
Authors: Hamidreza Arandiyan, Jun Hua Li
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:A series of perovskite-type oxides catalyst LaAl1-xNixO3 (0≤x≤1) and modified by substitute noble metal...
Authors: Zhong Shan Chen, Hua Yong Zhang, Wei Guo, Lu Yi Zhang, Yong Lan Tian, Xiao Feng Wei
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:In this study, the morphological responses of wheat to Cd during the whole growth stage were investigated in pot experiment with substrates...
Authors: Lian Feng Xu, Gang Chen
Chapter 6: Environmental Engineering
Abstract:Based on the thoroughly analysis of two conventional PIV algorithm, a new velocity extracting methods called Pre-estimate Searching...
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